Finish my Sentence

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knitted knots knowing Knights knees knock kneeling, knuckleheads knelt knifing knobby knicker kneepads, knew knockwurst .....
but it wasn't really the wurst knock any more than liver is the wurst unless it's geese liver, of course because that's the 2nd wurst thing of all for Shan-La whenever she finishes her
job cleaning stables she will then join the Moonies, not for religion, but for the hours of pleasure she derives from doing the whirly thing with Reverend Moon, you probably call it ....
problems including a critical failure of the reactor which exploded and everyone died and no one finished this thread. Except me.
But people from far away heard about the disaster and knew they could take over if everyone was dead so they came in by the dozens and started to
The Great One Himself took his wife there for their honeymoon & they put on such a show they all died laughing thus leaving that solar system abandoned for 333 trillion millenia then finally someone dropped by unexpected &
said 'How can I be unexpected when there is nobody here to expect me? and because of that he pondered for a moment, took a shit and left, but that one dump was the .....
catalyst required to begin life anew but in the meantime it stinked to high heaven or in other words it somehow leaked into the next higher simulation where the people knew they weren't in a simulation which is, of course, what beings in each & every simulation believe they know for no 1 can handle the truth, the true truth that it's all simulations each 1 built by beings in another simulation, usually naturally a lower simulation being built by beings in a higher simulation yet with few exceptions of beings in a lower simulation building the higher simulation which must lead to the inescapable conclusion that some simulations were built by the beings in that simulation leading them to worship themselves as gods & send each other to heaven or hell, actually the same thing in the peculiar case of the
Not open for further replies.