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You were born when the qi of Fire was dominant. The direction of fire is south which is where the front door of your house should face so that the energy of your element will flow unimpeded into your residence. This is an auspicious direction, so a southern room on the 2nd floor of your house could be a study, a den or a bedroom. The south is governed by the two Stellar Attendants who stand to the left and right of the Big Dipper-- the throne of Shang Di, the Celestial Lord.


The element earth (in the form of ash) is the end product of fire, and fire can be exhausted to produce the earth of combustion. The southwest sector of the house is therefore not appropriate for permanent living space for the master of the house, although a child's bedroom can occupy this sector. Were the master of the house to spend much time here, a distressing event might occur. On the other hand, if the kitchen is placed here, the fire of the stove will burn up the malignancy.


The element of the lake is metal, which is melted by fire. For a fire person, the lake direction is the traditional location in a Chinese home for the ancestral altar. The western section of your house could therefore be haunted and is not appropriate for a bedroom, or any room that is occupied at night. A bathroom, kitchen, or utility room would be appropriate here.


Northwest is the direction of heaven which belongs to the element metal. Fire melts metal and your energy will be depleted. In a fire house, northwest is the direction of death, and you should spend as little time as possible here. This section of the house is never appropriate for living space, and should be used for storage.


North is the direction of long life. The dining area should be located in the northern portion of the house, the direction of water, the staff of life.


The mountain resides in the northeast. In a fire house, northeast is the direction of injury and misfortune, and permanent residents of this sector will be prone to accident. This section of the house is still appropriate for temporary living space, such as a guest bedroom, as long as residents do not use sharp instruments or appliances.


The master bedroom should be placed in the eastern sector of your house, the direction of thunder and lightning, the origin of fire. This is the direction of sheng qi, "vital breath," the most auspicious portion of your home. The time you spend in this room will be rejuvenating.


Your office, den or living room should be placed in the southeast sector of the house, the direction of the element wood. Since wood feeds fire, your natal element will be replenished, thereby enhancing the work you conduct in this room. This direction is governed by the Celestial Physician, so a bedroom in this sector of the house would be an ideal place to recuperate from an illness.