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Does anyone put Feng Shui to use? if so how and has it helped you in any way? i have used Feng Shui all over my home and garden i try to incorporate it into my life fully no matter where i am and it has worked for me.
What is Feng Shui?

"Feng shui is a philosophy that creates an environment which is
ergonomic; it lets us work efficiently, comfortably and successfully
by following the patterns of nature. Think of yourself as a boat, it
is simply easier and more effective to sail with the current and
wind rather than against it. This idea is one of the basic concepts
of feng shui."

Interestingly enough, Rohan Candappa discusses its equally
ancient counterpart, Wrong Shui. Here are some quotes from
his book titled, "Little Book of Wrong Shui":

Nice To See You

Attract visitors to your home by
placing stereo, video and computer
equipment where they can be
seen from the road.

Go With The Flow

Flowing water is good Wrong Shui.
So when winter approches remove
a couple of tiles or shingles from the
roof of your home.

Are We There Yet?

If a road is less traveled maybe it
doesn't lead anywhere particularly


Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Use an egg carton like everyone else
and stop being such a poser.

The Five Elements

Honor the five key elements:
fire, water, wind, earth, and ketchup.
Ignore any and your home will
not thrive. And especially pay heed
to the age-old Wrong Shui proverb,
"A house without ketchup is like the
Three Tenors without Pavarotti."

Negative Auras,
The Cleansing Of

If a man in a bar is annoying you
with unpleasant behavior, cleanse
his aura and calm him down by
hopping around him onn one foot
three times and chanting the name
of The Master---Eu Plon Ka---
while pointing at him with the sacred
Wrong Shui gesture of the fist with
extended middle finger.
Feng Shui in theory/ right china hasn't had an emperor for years, but china and the chinese thought grew out of a world that did, and according to that worldview,china is the center of every thing, even its proper name "Zhongguo" means the middle kingdom, this may come as a bit of a shock to most of you, but as far as the chinese feng shui masters are concerned, the rulers of your country are merely underlings of the emperor of china, and china is the center and all other nations are just reflections of china's glory.
*stRgrL*: Earlier today I was looking through some of my
books (needed to look something up) and I stumbled on
one I had forgotten all about. The book is called: Pooh's
Little Book of Feng Shui
. It remined me of this thread and
how you were just getting into it and stuff - thought you
might enjoy this excerpt from the beginning:

How it all Began

When I told Pooh that I was writing a book about feng shui,
Pooh said, "Oh" and "Are you?" and, after a long, thoughtful
pause, "Fung what?"
"Feng shui," I said "It's the ancient Chinese system of living life
in harmony with your environment and with the natural rhythms
of nature, and of making use of the dynamic flow of energy in the
universe, to bring you greater happiness and good fortune."
"Oh," said Pooh, and he thought how wonderful it would be to
have a Real Brain that told you things about ancient rhythms and
Chinese fortunes. And then he asked carelessly, "Will I be in it
And when I said, "Yes," becauase living in harmony with nature is
what Bears do best, Pooh said to himself, "A book about me. How
Then Piglet, who had been listening all along, asked whether he
would be in the book, too.
"Yes of course," I said, because bringing happiness to others is
what Piglets do best.
But now, before all the others start asking whether they are in it,
too, I think perhaps we'd better start.
Thanks EvilPoet, that was cute:) I got my book today, but havent had a chance to look it over. I think my apartment is way to small to do some of the basics.

Take care:)