Eyes color

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and no im not going to tell you WHY she got the nickname:p
Because eye colour is set by your DNA and blue is a submissive gene therfor its over ruled by the brown gene in BOTH cases (and in your hair and your skin colour ect). You will be a carrier of the blue eye gene so if you have sex with a man with blue eyes 1/2 of your children SHOULD have blue eyes but you cant have one of each as far as i know

"Submissive"? I think the term you’re looking for is “recessive”. :)

It’s very common, especially on internet science forums, for people to describe the genetics of eye colour in this fashion – two alleles of a single pigment gene, one allele for brown and one allele for blue with blue being recessive to brown.

But this is a very simplistic model. The genetics of human eye colour is actually much more complicated than that and is not dictated solely by the simple dominant-recessive actions of two alleles of one gene. There are multiple genes (with multiple alleles of each gene) involved, and the interactions of these genes have not been clearly elucidated. This is clearly evidenced by the enormous variation in human eye colour that does not always follow the simplified model. People generally have flecks, rays and “splotches” of browns, blues, ambers and greens that overlay the background colour.

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Without knowing the father's genotype, determining if he was carrying genes for any other eye color to possibly be passed on to you is fairly difficult. You could be eligible for any number of other eye colors.

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I have a question too :p

I have a dark blue circle at the edge on my iris(Almost violet), than the color gets "weaker" and green/blue, further in it turnes green and in the mddle it gets yellow, with some brown. :confused:
Where do my eyes come from, like in we all know that blue eyed and green eyed is like the german race, and that stuff but where do mye eyes come from..
I am mostly woundering about the yellow part..
I can also mention that my skin is white and my hair brown, when I was born it was almost black but got brown later.
I just want to know where I tecnikally would come from kinda,
and if you know I am also very curious if my eye color has got a name :p
There are many reasons a person might have different colored irises. An interesting new cause is the use of prostaglandin analogs to treat glaucoma. In certain patients (those with multicolored irises), the use of a prostaglandin analog can cause in increase in pigmentation. This increase is irreversable and also associated with increase eyelash growth. If a person uses a prostaglandin analog in only one eye, they can end up looking like this:

Also notice the increased lash thickness in the affected eye. This particular side effect has resulted in a new cosmetic use for prostaglandin analogs, Latisse: http://www.latisse.com/