The planets were formed from the accretion disk that surrounded the infant Sun and which was also absorbing matter from this same disk. The theory that the planets were spun off the sun is no longer creditable.

Can we solve the problem of the angular momentum of the Sun now?
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Can we solve the problem of the angular momentum of the Sun now?

I don't know the problem you are referring to Dreamsa. Could you elaborate please?

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The problem is like this:
The sun is formed from a rotating mass of gases, the centre of the mass of gas formed the sun and around it formed the planets. If the situation is like this, the sun is rotating too slow now! As according to the theory, the sun should process most of the angular momentum of the system but not the planets, but now the situation is reversed.

The problem of angular momentum is roughly like this.
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Magnetic braking may be the solution. Sometimes or later, the solution can be certain.
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