Evolution [Debate Proposal]

spuriousmonkey said:
I suggest we call it a 'Cape Dwarf Burrowing Skink'.

Too radical. What's next, an "Eastern slender glass lizard"? Where does it all end?


Muslim, do you or more likely not get that snakes actually do have remnant limbs, particularly in the Boidae?

Or the slow worm, Anguis fragilis, to be found all over Europe:


Not a snake. Looks like a snake.
Although these lizards are often mistaken for snakes, there are a number of features that differentiate them from snakes. The most important is they have small eyes with eyelids that blink. This is a feature that is not found in snakes. They also have notched tongue rather than a forked tongue, which is a common feature of a snake. They shed their skin in patches like other lizards, rather than the whole skin as most snakes do.
Blue_UK said:
This is what I said to him, but he said that "it's just the name is was dubbed, it doesn't mean anything".

He posted the pic on another forum after I said I didn't understand what "a sneak with feet" meant. Apprently this immediately rebutts evolutionary theory completely, instead of supporting it by showing that snakes ('sneaks' lol, those stealthy critters) indeed have the coding for an ancestral form.

His arg probably makes more internal sense if you already believe in special creation.

...is this guy for real? He goes on about snakes, then exclaims that he doesn't know what we're on about?

Since we're basically done with the debate then - having won the argument in record time - can we get on with the abuse?

Thanks for playing, muslim. You lose.

I'd like to amend my last statement to include the following:

CLOSE THE THREAD the guy doesn't even know what a frigging exponent is and cut-and-pastes all his arguments CLOSE THE BLOODY THREAD


Muslim, you could argue that evolution has a few holes but your Qu'raan is based on nothing. There is no evidence supporting it whatsoever. Anyone could've written that book, don't you think so?
I'm giving up on this guy and I suggest other people do too. Check out the gdebate.com forum (the 'pop corn gallery') to see how pointless it would be to try and discuss anything with him.
you COCKS HAVE GOT ME BANNED FROM THERE. this is a conspiracy the admins an atheist thats why she banned me I was too good for you. all the atheists lose.
Oh man...can I laugh out loud now!

Could they have found this offensive?
muslim said:
fuck you cock. sucker!

admin gdebate forums said:
Muslim, has been banned from this forum. He has been plagiarizing, and generally being abusive and non compliant with the rules.
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spuriousmonkey said:
Oh man...can I laugh out loud now!

Could they have found this offensive?
Muslim said:
fuck you cock. sucker!

I wasn't even rude to him! I can't help but laugh when I think of a formal debate, one man presenting his case - the other quietly listening, perhaps nodding slightly as he listens and stroking his chin, but when given the chance to speak opens up with "fuck you cocksucker" as casual as you like.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man! People like muslim are so damn naive. Hey, maybe try writing your own damn posts and arguments next time. No wonder they looked well written. I was thinking "What the fuck? Has muslim finally gotten a brain?". Yeah, the admin banning you was really a "conspiracy". This is taking hilarity to the next level. Muslim, since this forum is supposed to have a population of intellectuals, why don't you find 10 members that agree with and support you. Then, I'll be satisfied. Don't try that stupid registering 9 times thing.

As well, I'm curious about you're IQ. Go take a test and post your score.

Edit: He's probably going to post a fake score anyway. That was a stupid suggestion.
Ignore muslim and he'll go away.

"never argue with idiots, they drag you down to their level - and beat you with experience."

- Shifty Russian
What does IQ mean?

An IQ tells you what your score is on a particular intelligence test, compared to your age-group. The test has a mean score of 100 points and a standard deviation of 15 points. What does this standard deviation mean? It means that 68 percent of the population score an IQ within the interval 85-115. And that 95 percent of the population scores within the interval 70-130. (We won't show the calculations for the interval-values to avoid difficult calculations.)

Some examples:
What does it mean when your IQ is 100? That means that half of the population scores higher than you. The other half scores lower than you.
And what does it mean when you have an IQ of 130? That means that 97,5 percent of your age group scores lower than you. Only 2,5 percent scores higher.

An easy way to interpret an IQ is to use the following rules:
A score that is no more than one standard deviation (=15) away from 100, can be interpreted as a normal score.
A score that is between one and two standard deviations away from 100 can be interpreted as low (70-85) or high (115-130).
A score that is more than two standard deviations away from 100, can be interpreted as very low (lower than 70) or very high (higher than 130).