Everyday sexism

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by James R, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    I'm intrigued. To whom are you referring?
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  3. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

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  5. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    James asked you who you were referring to not what you were doing.

    Sarcasm to goto tool of a bully.

    So you drop in here, not to contribute in any meaningfully way to the subject under discussion, but merely to lay the boot in with some sarcasm...at the risk of being called a bully may I point out that you paint yourself as a coward if you do not answer James directly by naming the victims of your sarcasm.

    However I still like you and factor in your experience of life, the little you have told me, to understand and accept your behaviour... so clear it up by being specific ... I can only assume it is me and Paddo you are taking pot shots at but I would like to see if you can say such.

    And to James and Bells ...sorry I have not replied to your posts I will if I can but I can see you have rather serious issues to deal with so my lack of a point by point answer to each of your posts will leave both of you with more time to address more pressing matters.

    And thanks to all for taking my mind off what I am about to face.

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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Yep - microaggressions.

    A manager interviews a female candidate and keeps looking at her chest.
    A group of men are telling loud jokes - then as a woman walks in they all quiet down and change the topic.
    The woman mentions it to the men - and they say "geez they were only jokes! Gotta get a sense of humor."
    A man calls his male coworkers by their name, but calls both of his female coworkers "honey."
    Someone tells a joke about women, then says "but most women are open minded enough to find it funny."

    Nothing big, nothing blatant. And every single one of those men protests that he is NOT AT ALL sexist - he has a female boss! He hired a female assembler! But add it up and you get a work environment that women would rather not be around. Which they get blamed for, of course.
  8. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

  9. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    which is.......................?
  10. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    I understand entirely.
    You look after yourself and I hope you are managing this virus situation well.
  11. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    In the words of DMOE "..."

    It's nothing really..I should not have said anything...I have been alone in the bush for too long and running out of things and I can't get off my butt and go to town and I guess that I am frustrated that I can not get folk past what I see as relatively small issues and address the reasons why so many women are killed by partners or ex partners and the lack of respect extended to women in general and then think that by merely protesting against bullying and abuse that I am judged ignorant of the issues they raise particularly the undesirabilty of jokes targeting women or the issues relating to calling women, who are mere strangers, by familiar names and that seeking to address all these matters at an objective level that takes away individual assessment that can only be made at a subjective level is the basis of totalitarianism which they now dangerously embrace.

    I find myself frustrated and suffering from cabin fever so small matters that I must face assume a seemingly greater significance ..it becomes like a dog chasing it's tail..the issue gets worse in my mind as I now tend not to address it which if I did it would not be an issue...then my old friend DMOE seems to be making me the butt of his sarcasm which makes me also feel betrayed , after all what have I ever done to him other than to be kind and supportive....and then to find folk think that because I defend Paddo against bullying and abuse... when he for the first time is adopting a calm approach to discussion rather than his bullying norm that he is set upon such that by taking my advice to be calm and decent he must suffer a disadvantage. The responses I get do not seem interested in my points but show in some cases a dislike for me personally ..which although I say I dont care it upsets me that folk can poisen themselves and blame me.

    None of it seems right.

    And then to see the moderators here fighting when the guy who caused the problem could perhaps admit that serious issues are best dealt with other than by parody due to the general failure in serious matters that parody will be recognised...and realise its better to act perhaps completly opposite to your opponent rather than think by acting like him a wider audience will pick up on your attempt at parody...I just don't know why everyone needs to be so angry and hateful..I makes me sad.

    Nevertheless I am over my self pity and fear of facing things that must be faced and I appologise for injecting it here saying it was not for sympathy it was just inner frustration leaking out.

    I think DMOE has really got to me unfortunately.


    Last edited: Jan 12, 2021
  12. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    I need guitar strings and some meat, how you miss sugar in your tea...and soap..it is uncomfortable washing with detergent...for the first time ever I hope one of those old ladies call me "dear" or "luv" I am not sure about love or sweety but just to be with folk that are happy, normal and not hateful.

    In fact I think I may have a big lunch at the club..a T bone ...and order that new guitar I have been looking at on the net...only a couple of hundred..Harvey Benton..great value..I told a friend, via messaging about them, he not only ordered one but it arrived today...but if you are reading this and into guitars check out Harvey Benton guitars on YouTube.. and at their web site they have sound track as as to how each guitar sounds which I thought was cool...

    So it is very hot and humid now but I managed a mornings work on my pad, used two bags of concrete and on what I covered would say I need another 12 plus more rocks...but I got to tell you I am just so proud of myself actually getting out there doing stuff and not using my legs as an excuse to lay about.

    Now here is irony for you..the only person who calls by to see me, once every two weeks, out of kindness..is a Christian...

    OK enough about me talking about me..how about you take over and start talking about me.

    See how bored I get when I stop.

  13. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Why would you think that when I have pointed out that I want to use my time in a more productive manner? That is the reality that you have excluded to create your bat and ball call...I dont leave because I am pissed off I leave to do real things in the real world.

    I dont have any problem there.

    Do you not recall even though "the god" said horrible things about me I treated him kindly?
    Even DMOE I like him he presumably does not like me but why should I care..the little I know of him suggests he has been a victim for so long one could expect he wont like folk he sees as successful..like Paddo living on the beach in the world's best city, having lots of friends punching above his weight etc etc..I guess he thinks because I own a telescope that I am a rich boy.. whatever who knows why folk dont like me...their problem not mine..I have no one to impress I have a great life ..maybe he is jealous of my crook legs and the fact I live in a caravan and own ten thousand trees that I wont cut and so demonstrate I am not driven by the he money.
    I like quiet a few people who actually don't like me here...but I get that you are trying to settle me down as you think I am angry...am I right?
    Yes because Bells was being abusive and bullying ... Is that not reasonable ...why is it you dont object to abuse and bullying?
    That is because I address the matter where nastiness is very apparent..namely bullying and abuse...the issue of jokes and calling folk luv is not as bad...in my view.
    And even now no one has stood up and said that bullying and abuse is very bad...it has evil intent..old folks talking in a manner they have for decades is not evil...at least not evil to many ordinary folk.
    So you know my history such that you can say that I was not concerned about sexist behaviour a long time before it was an issue as it is today..how can you say that given you really dont know...my daughter born late sixties I would not let play with dolls b cause I sort to buck the early training for breeding and the womans role of being always a house wife.
    How outrageously presumptuous of you.
    Take it back.
    Recognise that I actually know more about my life and history and experience than you do
    Yes and when you look at each case subjectively you actually see the reality of the interaction taking place. Each case is different yet your approach is to demand folk change their normal behaviour of years because you have a new vision of Utopia that you now demand all follow..admit your judgemental approach is not in touch with the folk you seek to rule over.
    Now I am absolutely aware of what you are saying...given my history how can you even think otherwise than I understand what you are all on about..it is a pity you can not grasp my complaint is about Bells bullying and unproductive un necessary abuse...your problem is you create your reality that excludes the fact that is what I am saying..over and over and over.
  14. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Well what more do you need..no malice in the cases I am thinking about.. habits of folk that you look down upon and demand they now dance to your tune..get over yourself.
    Well bless me is it..shit when you say that why dont you add.. without malice and the product of decades of friendly interaction.
    You go on about it and focus folk who will mostly be dead in a decade but have yet to respond to the serious issues created by the church and hollywood.
    I defend being rational and avoiding a totalitarian approach to a problem that is basically going away by itself..if you can show me any man in under sixty calling a woman luv I will say well yes lets go tell him...But your idea seems the new morality is mine and must be bought into play today.
    I am not apologising by the way..your nonsense reality again I am presenting a case to avoid totalitarian ...
  15. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Your comprehension is terrible no wonder you use mind reading.

    Its not a good idea.I have said I dont like it but I dont want to demand change because I find it offensive.

    Yet it is used common place by folk being friendly and without malice..that must be taken onto account..your determination to make one law for all fails to recognise many folk just dont see it your way and to seek to impose your opinion without recognition of the reality that most old folk talk like that is very wrong...cant you just wait and until they die? Why no demand we change July to something else given Ceasar was no more than a murder and slave trader...July offends me and for good reason.
  16. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Now James you are reasonably intelligent ..inteligent enough to read what I said and if you can hold back your desire to twist my words to suit your purpose it will be very clear to you...well as to something wrong with me...you answer that..I call for no abuse or bullying and you don't seem to care, I present real things that are wrong with our culture and have total bearing on the issue of females getting the ruff end of the stick, I even offer various church leaders words to support the claim that what they are saying is many times worse than two old dears calling each other luv and yet you adjust your blinkers and hint that I may not be normal..you have already said I am insane..and if you don't know where you said that I certainly will not waste my time drawing attention to matters you should be able to recall yourself...well I think if we sort a vote on who is behaving rationally you probably will come last....and if you can not accept that not everyone in the world sees things exactly the way you do then you need to think about just how that could be.
    Have every church present a talk to their congregation pointing out that the views of their ancient misogynists are to be totally rejected and present a message from to Pope calling upon believers to step up to the expectations of the now..have it in pamphlets and taught in church schools..Church of England , baptists whoever..drive into their brains that women are no longer possessions, that they deserve respect...that they are not the reason man is guilty of original sin...etc etc etc etc...now at the same time get onto Hollywood and say if you guys don't come up with some movies where the girl is the hero then expect that for the future government censorship will be brought in and maintained until the community gets the message that women must have respect..as a side issue..wife bashing life in prison no release,murder a partner past or present..death penalty...

    Now that is what it will take.

    For a start maybe adds on tv..we could get Paddo to do his thing at the bank...and have Bells tap him on the shoulder and say excuse me sir but did you know some folk may not like such talk...Paddo could play the typical male and say ...mmm...maybe someone else....

    But adds would help bend their little minds to the new order.

    But one thing for sure is when communities have in the past faced these moral judgements where the need for evidence is done away with and reference to community practice is ignored it always ends badly...any one interested even casually in history can tell you that.

    But hey answer me this...do you think the church may be the best place to go to change moral behaviour or is it best bullying folk via the internet.
  17. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    It's pretty damn obvious that is what I presented...it is you and you alone who now invents an alternative reality to make another seem bad..you are the bad one because you in a very evil manner seek to turn an inoccent statement into something it was never met to be.

    Heck only six months ago a mate was talking to me about a party I missed..he said ..." Peter kept us lubricated with his famous home brew until we said good things about it"...so from that what conclusion will you draw..go on let's see how your dirty mind handles that account...what was he referring to when he said "it"...please go ahead share with us your reality from my short account.

    I suppose if Paddo had said." They kept us well watered" ( another reasonably close synonym for " lubricated"....you would say.."mmm watered eh so you imagine them helping you to go to the toilet" you are one sick puppy...not pleasant being accused in the manner you see fit to employ upon others...and if you don't stop it I will not hold back in nailing you using your nails and hammer.

    What you are doing is fabricating evidence..now if you can prove Paddo meant what you claim then prove it if not pull your head in...

    Yes..because you in a most evil manner tried to make the word fit your dirty little monstrous reality...you are the one at fault and there is no question of that..unless of course you can produce evidence to support your constructed reality I am afraid you will remain in my eyes guilty of fabricating evidence ... so what is your evidence for what you think he means..and perhaps describe exactly what it is that you think he meant being very specific so we can follow how you joined the dots...

    You invited my response by making a very nasty accusation that you have no evidence for...it is you who not getting out much I guess have not heard the expression in common speak..oh I just thought of another occassion I heard it used but then if I started they would keep coming into my head...the point is you are wrong and more so because you make an unsupported claim with no evidence...why can you not realise you are very wrong here?
  18. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    What I can imagine is if you asked them the question using your manipulative methods they would be over the top offended..but the point is here as it is with all your contrived approaches...we are not asking the woman behind the bar ..we are dealing with your allegation and perhaps if you can not support it with real evidence you should give it a rest.

    You are consistent with delivering nonsense...first let's no let you slip away from the fact your dirty mind is the problem given you have no evidence to suggest anything other than all you have on your side is a dirty mind..and now you slither to somehow take our mind away from the fact that you have nothing in the way of evidence that should see discussion taking this tiresome turn..and to be clear the dirty mind problem is yours exclusively...if I were you I would drop it..you can not make the word mean something that suits your reality when common usage tell an entirely different story...

    Just so we are clear..I will give you a break but if you don't stop being a smart arse I will really go for you.

    It is entirely clear what I have said and your nonsense does not wash with me..
    It is you who is manipulating context, offering up incorrect interpretations so do not turn around and act as if you don't get what I am saying..being smug with me won't get you anything but grief.

    You tell me you are the inventor of realities around here...actually forget that..I am not playing your silly games until you provide evidence in support of your claim...show us how Paddo means what you have invented.

    A wise man proportions his evidence to his beliefs..is that how it goes for you or could we please go with the actual quote..you know the one at the foot of your posts..maybe you could think it thru just a little which clearly you have yet to do..now once and for all what evidence do you have to support you claim..give me evidence and you will win me over..it is that easy.
    No. There is enough factual material to deal with and besides I am a wake up to those sorts of tactics..very Christian approach so I am not interested..

    That's it for a while .... why don't you take off a thread to deal with the church and Hollywood...so we an get more fronts going...and I must say it's rather decent of you creating arguements that enable me to point out why they should not be admitted..hopefully folk will appreciate you can not make judgements without evidence or testimony from all persons present.
    Just as the practises need to be addressed we do want to avoid a totalitarian approach..forgive any spelling ..keep well.
  19. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Not sure if belongs here exactly

    It does have the element of PC as well as a element from The Church of the Perpetual Outraged

    In addition, from the mob who brought you Wink Wink We Know What You Mean the condemnation How Could You

    Although could be the We Don't Like It

    Anyway for your perusal


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  20. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    what exactly is the cheeky slogan for their chicken schnitzels?
  21. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Let me get this straight - if someone is "older" we give them a Pass and let them continue their abusive sexist disrepectful behavior because "most old folk talk like that is very wrong...cant you just wait and until they die?"

    Alex, I am well into my 7th decade on this rock and the behaviours that you seem to be condoning are not now and never have been practiced by truly respectful Adult Human Beings
    You should know this , Alex.

    Wrong is Wrong, Alex...Legacy is NO EXCUSE!
    It was Wrong 50 Years ago...It is Wrong today...it will be Wrong 50 years from now...it always has and always will be Wrong, Alex! Period!

    You seem to NOT want to hold paddoboy personally responsible for his "Behavour"...
    You want to blame Hollywood...You want to blame The Church...You seem to want to Cast Blame outward simply to absolve ones self of personal reponsibility for ones actions?!?

    Alex, it seems to me that you continue to be completely dis•in•gen•u•ous to me by what you Post - " the little I know of him suggests he has been a victim for so long one could expect he wont like folk he sees as successful..like Paddo living on the beach in the world's best city, having lots of friends punching above his weight etc etc..I guess he thinks because I own a telescope that I am a rich boy.. whatever who knows why folk dont like me...their problem not mine..I have no one to impress I have a great life ..maybe he is jealous of my crook legs and the fact I live in a caravan and own ten thousand trees that I wont cut and so demonstrate I am not driven by the he money. "

    Alex, I do not know you...nor do I know paddoboy, nor Bells, nor James R.
    Alex, I do not like or dislike you...nor do I like or dislike paddoboy, nor Bells, nor James R.
    All I can go by is what is Posted on this Forum, and you MUST ADMIT that both you and paddoboy have had no problem Boasting and Bragging of your superiority in multiple areas of "manhood" fairly often in your Postings on this Forum!

    Numerous members of this Forum (including numerous Forum Staff) have alluded to different aspects of paddoboy's less than respectful "behaviour" over his time on this Forum, only to have paddoboy "Ramp It Up" when called out about that less than respectful "behaviour"...not to mention that those Members then seem to become lifelong targets for that continuing less than respectful "behaviour"...like River, Q-reeus and recently to include Bells and JamesR. also!

    Alex, it is not about liking or disliking you and paddoboy or Bells, James R. or any other Member of this Forum...
    It is simply about behaving as an Adult and exhibiting common decency and respect toward everyone else regardless of Gender or any other characteristic!

    Can you understand any of what I have written, Alex...given my "Sustitute Reality" and all?
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2021
  22. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    This is a full copy of the NT News newspaper article

    This article is from the NT News issue of Tuesday, 12 Jan

    Serious side to breast pun

    THE Litchfield Motel has turned a complaint over a cheeky slogan for their chicken schnitzel’s around in the “breast” way possible, putting a dollar from every schnitty sold in February towards breast cancer research.

    The motel staff were initially shocked and saddened when notified of a complaint over a slogan on their bar saying ‘how do you like your breasts’ , alluding to their schnitzels and parmigianas which were made from chicken breasts.

    “We don’t want to offend people but we don’t see how a play on words, a pun that relates to chicken breasts and the toppings that go on your parmis has so much of an effect they go to anti-discrimination ,” Litchfield Motel’s Little Ripper Cafe Bar and Bistro manager Roisin McElwee said. “It was brought to light as a talking point, a second glance sort of thing that makes you turn and go ‘haha, look at that’ .”

    Ms McElwee said she felt it had gone against the Australian spirit of supporting local businesses.

    “We’re really upset, really hurt by it because we’re a new business venture starting up in a very hard year and then for something so small that is a humorous thing, a play on words, it’s actually quite hurtful ,” Ms McElwee said.

    “The magnitude is very minimal compared to what’s going on in the world. All my family in England are in lockdown ... count your blessings rather than picking on a small family business.”

    After conversations with several customers yesterday, two of whom were breast cancer survivors who had no issues with the slogan, Ms McElwee said they wouldn't be taking it down and had turned it into a positive.

    “What we’ve decided to do is donate $1 per schnitzel to breast cancer research for February ,” Ms McElwee.

    “We’ve turned it into a positive , through this if people can come and support us that would be amazing.”

    Ms McElwee said her advice was at this point in proceedings , the business had to decide if they thought the complaint warranted a change but were not bound to legislation .

    “In the NT there’s no law that stipulates us to take it down. It’s up to us to decide if it’s a warranted complaint,” she said.

    The NT Anti Discrimination Commission said they were unable to make any comment until Commissioner Sally Sievers returned from leave later this week.

    Copyright © 2021 News Pty Limited

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  23. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    • In a thread about everyday sexism, sexual objectification of women is particularly uncalled for. Please think before you post.
    perky. with hard nipples
    You meant chicken breasts?
    I'm a leg man

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