Epileptic Cats


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The title might seem a little misleading, the following I'm just writing as a hunch (Completely Theoretical, with no Background study) to the reason why people suffer Epilepsy and what they have in common with a Scientific Theoretical Experiment developed by Erwin Schrödinger, aptly named "Schrödinger's Cat".

I heard of another version of Schrödinger's Cat, I believe it was developed so as to remove the Atomic material so students could partipate in it's theory and possible physical exercise without needing to have particular clearance.

In the version I heard about, the Cat wasn't placed in a box with some nuclear material, but was placed into a box and bombarded from the outside by frequency. I gather this meant a small gap in the box wall to flood it with light.

The point here is simple, Epileptics suffer from an interruption in neurological signals. The question is of course wether or not the interrupts cause is due to their genetics and the polarisation of cells or just because the very signals that are sent overload with the frequency input.

Non the less, it's likely a frequency build up could cause a wavefunction collapse that causes the brain to try and reflood the region that the collapse occurred, this puts the person into neurological shock.

This means that anybody that suffers from epilepsy could well be a natural version of Schrödinger's Cat.

(Wish I could put forwards a cure, other than a lead lined hat an welding goggles.)

There was a "Shrodinger box" in the "Hyperion" tertrology i think. A "Shrodinger"-something. Maybe a cell. Well, it was a jail cell..but i dunno if it was called a box or cell. O h well