Emotion versus Reason


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Hey... I've put on paper a philosphy of Emotion versus Reason.. according to how I think interaction between these two parts is most optimal and profitable:

I'd like to hear comments and discussion about this topic, constructive criticism is also very welcome, as always!

It is only possible to find truth through logic, if you have found truth without it first.

I can't remember who said that, or if it's even the exact quote!, but play around with it if you like.
emotion is a very important part of human existance. however, it plays no part in rational thought. I would liken most emotion to holdovers from our appetitive soul past, they are rash, short-sighted and can be very dangerous.

the proper use of reason on the other hand is what separates human being with rational souls from other beings with appetitive souls. basically, emotion is no place to start philosophy from.

To say this another way:

Emotion is from the realm of the imagination, the part of cognition that we share with animals. everything is imigable, that is the imagination thinks in concretes only, and no abstraction is possible. We can see that a human can live his entire life in this state, but he does not live as a human, and should be considered a brute, not a person.

Logic is from the realm of the rational. This is the part of cognition which separates us from animals. in this state everything is abstractable. In the imagination, there is no reason for the sun to rise again the next day simply because it has every previous day. In the imagination, just because a cat scratches us for getting too close today has no bearing on whether the cat will scratch us tomorrow. The rational mind quickly makes up for this deficiency. It recognises patterns much faster than the imagination will.

The interaction of the rational and imaginative functions of the mind is in sensation. The imagination absorbs all sensation and processes it into what we can consider coherent. For instance, when I see a brownish, flat surface with 4 legs, my imagination immediately groups those experiences together into one whole. My rational brain takes that information and says "table" to me.
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A learned person with pointed ears once said that

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.
So would I. Please find our thread on Love, and read that if you're interested in what exactly Love is, and why it isn't an emotion.
Why it isn't an emotion???

Oh no..... Another Nelson who thinks he can change the definitions of English....
Ok if you don't define love as an emotion what about joy, wonder, passion (like the drive to post on here)

Emotion is what defines us and i would NEVER want to give that up. If we did we would just be the same as my computer
I see no reason to separate ourselves from either emotion or reason. Emotions are based on reason. They are chemical and mental activities formed by evolution to help us survive and interact with each other and the world around us. That makes them natural and good, and reasonable.

Or maybe not. Just ideas.

I would like to see all humans feeling and such, but with their actions guided by logic.
Actually Adam, i would say that reason is based on emotion.

We only post here to describe what we already think. When someone responds to us, we justify our position. We've already made up our minds within the first few seconds of reading what someone else has written.....

Perhaps we should substitute the word "reason" with "intuition"?
or is that too much :)
I think maybe reason and emotion are yin and yang. Equilibrium in all things.
and what exactly is this yin-yang thingy meant to say?:bugeye:

I think it's an example of "if you can't convince them, confuse them." :)

BTW Proycon: hij ziet er wel mooi uit.
(for all you non-dutch speakers:"it looks beautyful though.")
Asguard: exactly.
Your ratio (or reason) is the total of your emotions and your logical thinking (both originating from the same neuronal system, don't they?!)
Out of curiosity Asgaurd, isn't that what I said with my first post....

"It is only possible to find truth through logic, if you have found truth without it first."
First I'd like to say:



I doubt that we can ever find truth, and be absolutly sure of it. History is the story of old 'truths' becoming 'myths' or worse. The point is the journey.

As for emotion, I think Pascal said it best:

"There is an internal war between reason and passion
If we could only have reason without passion or passion without reason.
But having both, we are necessarily in conflict." (Going from memory there)

I think this conflict is a good thing. It gives life a bit of spice and zest. So, reason or passion?

If I had to choose, I would say reason. But I don't have to choose, and I am happy having both.

Thats not true

Reason gives a focus to passion

Reason with out passion (lack of motavation)

Passion with out reason (animals)
Reason is the psycological component which governs emotion.
Emotion is the component that gives impetus.

Neither are much use alone.