Electrical hypersensitivity


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A common theory emerging within the sceptical community as to the explanation of alien abduction is the one of electrical hypersensitivity and sleep paralysis.

Simply put,

Every person when they dream are paralysed, this is natural and a common known medical fact. Normally when you wake up the body and mind goes through a step by step process of, stopping dreaming, then slowly waking up. Gaining consciousness and physical control of your body. Occasionally a person wakes while they are still dreaming, this will give the conscious mind a feeling of paralysis, often a sensation that you are floating may exist along with the overwhelming presence that there is someone else in the room with you. The sound of humming and buzzing may also be ringing in your ears. I have personally experienced this and have always wondered what this experience was until now. This alone does not explain alien abduction, which leads me to electrical hypersensitivity. This phenomena is where some people are more susceptible to electromagnetic pollution than others, the constant bombardment from radio transmitters, electrical pylons and many more sources of RF radiation, causes some people to hallucinate. The content of the hallucination is strictly dependent on the person, some people have experiences with demons, others with aliens, and some astral project out of their bodies and float around the world. You may also experience bright lights and temporal paralysis. I believe this effect tied in with sleep paralysis may lead people to believe they have been abducted.

Now implants,

A simple fact exists that there has not been to date a single conclusive alien artefact recovered from the body of any person. The removal of metal splinters from a person's body does not prove the existence of extra terrestrials.
I like to think of the alien phenomenon as the modern version of superstition. When we are confronted with unusual events that unsettles us, we make something up to explain this event. This mostly happens unconsciously but in certain cases this can be catalysed by confrontation with other more mainstraim ideas. The alien spacecraft idea is no so wide spread that it has taken the status of known fact almost. Still they are just the technological counterparts of the good old fairies, pixies and woodspirits of ancient times.
The human animal is so amazing, he keeps on inventing new ways of camouflaging his fear of the unknown in stead of just admitting that he doesn't understand nature !

we are midgets standing on the backs of giants,
I'm familiar with this phenomena, and have been since I was 11 and Orson, the pig from US Acres, appeared on my wall while a massive buzzing noise held me in bed. Since then I've experienced giant spiders, a host of common ethereal entities, and at least one spaghetti dinner boiled in ectoplasm.

Actually the worst one took place one afternoon when I was 18. I fell asleep in a sunbeam while reading Clive Barker and woke up sixteen times and walked into the kitchen sixteen times before I actually woke up to my mother's calling me to lunch. My body was actually sore from dragging myself into the kitchen that many times.

It's a weird gig, and it probably explains a good deal of paranormal phenomena. But I'm pretty sure it's not conclusive.