education adequate for future?


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It seems to me those who understand quantum physics have a totally different understanding of reality than a Christian who stops at studying the bible, or even our high school graduates. I am thinking unless we prepare our children to think in terms of quantum physics from the beginning of their lives, they will not have the consciousness our future requires?

This is exciting to me, Pythagoras held that in the being was numbers. This is a totally different thought than in the beginning was the word. Plenty of ancient people believed a divine being created things by speaking their name. A lot of mythology is about a divine being creating plants and animals in this way. But for Pythagoras it was a number. I attempted to address this before and someone said I am speaking of numerology, and I want to avoid this derailment. Pythagoras was not thinking numerology but natural forces, other than earth, water, air and fire. This is geometry and later maths take this even further. It is understanding reality mathematically.

We are not preparing our children to do this. Learning to count, add and subtract is still thinking of things. How many things do I have. Thinking mathematically is beyond things. I includes shapes and motions, and understanding on a deep level that everything is energy. Effectively what we think is reality is illusion, and to have a better understanding of reality, we need to get pass our illusion. I don't think education is preparing student to do this?