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<b>E. Coli Victims Didn't Wash Hands </b>

Associated Press Writer

PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. (AP) — State health officials have determined that 13 people who contracted E. coli bacteria at a county fair early this month visited animal barns or a petting zoo, then ate without washing their hands.

Those who became sick touched manure or touched an item that came into contact with manure, Herb Bostrom, director of the state Bureau of Communicable Diseases, said Wednesday. The bacteria live in the intestines of animals and humans.

``It's not bad luck. It's bad hygiene,'' Bostrom said. ``If you go into an animal barn and don't wash your hands, you're going to get sick.''

The state examined 52 water samples and six manure samples from the Ozaukee County fairgrounds and found no trace of E. coli. Officials determined the bacteria did not come from food or drinks provided at the fair or from any ponds on the fairgrounds.

More than 220 people filled out a questionnaire about their experiences at the fair, held Aug. 1-5. Their answers led officials to pinpoint the barns and zoo, although not any exact source of the bacteria. People who contract the bacteria can suffer abdominal cramping, severe or bloody diarrhea, and sometimes chills and fever.

Fair officials placed more than 25 signs in barns and zoos encouraging everyone to wash their hands before eating, said Ken Riemer, Ozaukee County Agricultural Society president.

``It's very frustrating,'' he said. ``We tried. We feel very sorry for those who did get sick.''
It reminds me of that sign over the sink. "Employees must wash hands before returning to work". Guess there is something there after all besides clean hands.
Disease will be the end of mankind

Not to be a total Howard Hughs about it, wet1, but diseases scare the hell out of me!

As the population goes up, so shall the number of diseases. As the medical community finds new cures, the diseases adapt & keep on coming! Unrelenting & unsympathetic.

As long as there is a food source for the germs, they will continue.
Someone notify "The Amazing Randi" !

After reading some of Howard's posts, I am somewhat taken aback by the unusual coincidences that have happened since the date of his last posts and subsequent death on Sept. 11, 2001.

So far, I haven't heard much of anything in the way of contemporary "profits" or psychic's making any kind of prophecies that are so well documented and now becoming so accurate as HOWARD'S!

Maybe Howard didn't hit it exactly right on the disease, but look at the other statements that he had made prior to September 11, 2001. I assume that if any editing was done by anyone, it would show the edit date, so the liklihood of a hoax would be impossible.

Even more interesting that he succumbed to the same people who are now responsible for this present disease scare that has swept over the country. I have also found other such references made by Howard in other posts, after I did a search for HOWARDSTERN (by user name).

Being that I am a skeptic of psychics, I keep up with the claims of many of the famous ones. And I have to tell you all that most of them are charlatains, out for money and fame. But Howard seems to have made references that are very peculiar and accurate, while none of the famous one's even came close.

Howard, if your listening buddy, ... well done!"
???????????????......RIDDLES OF LIFE......??????????
AFAIK the information you give on the Esscherichia coli cannot be true.

You say no E.coli was found in the manure on that fair. I can hardly believe that: manure is infested with E.coli! I'm full of it, you're all full of it!

It's just one type of E.coli that makes people very sick, it has some type number with 157 in it.

For those who did not know: there was an organic food scare last year or so, on this particular E.coli. It was spread by an extreme pro-genetic-engineering bloke, even after it was proven to be based on deliberate false interpretation of facts.