dreams, who can help me with what some of my dreams mean

here ill give you an older dream, i used to write them down and you seemed to be doing pretty good for the other guy

alright this one was about a year ago

i was scoobidiving in the ocean with some other people, i dont think i know them, and after a while this shark started chasing me. i was paniking and hitting the shark trying to get away but it woulodnt stop. i swam over to the edge where all the boats were and climbed up into one thinking i was safe there but the shark also climbed up into the boat as well continuing to chase me. so i ran out of the boat across the deck then onto the ground then into a resteraunt with this shark still chasing me. this girl working in the restaraunt came and knew how to deal with the shark and she got it back into the ocean.
Theoryofrelativity said:
The dream may not be about this exact moment in time but reflection of you over time, hence the map, this represents time and change in direction.

You need to focus on the change that has or is about to present itself to you.
A change in direction that will really set you free. Don't forget number 7 is relevant.

yea ok i can definately see that
a reflection of the change i've gone through
but i definately hope to be continuously changing, to be honest i think i do that quite a bit
re Shark dream

wow, well this was bad omen, at that time you were in danger from dishonest friends or associates, perhaps financial matters were at risk, time were VERY tough, lots of obstacles for you to overcome, you kept problems at bay yourself for a while but at the very last moment someone saved you.
yea i can see that definately it seems like i cant trust anyone period
i don't know who it is to save me though maybe its still to come
i just do my own thing you know
aight this is a long one
took up like my whole dreaming period in one night i think
seemed like it anyways

``ok i start out chasing some guy in the woods with this person, he's a drug dealer. later on i am by myself and i go to some mall looking for someone to watch a movie with me. i run into some guy who says the person i am looking for might be working, so i got to see and he isn't. i meet up with that guy again and he tries calling this guy to get ahold of him but can't. i wait around outside and this guy keeps comming out talking to me, i find out he's working for the drug dealer i knew that i was in the woods with. eventually it's night time and im walking around in the empty mall and i run into this guy again just outside the front entrance doors. he asks me if i knew where the closest place to where the mon was shining was, he said it was sort of liek a race. i go with him to find it , we are walking through the mall and we see where to go by one of the exits. we start running towards where to go and supposively if we made it in time on this night it would turn us into warewolves. we get there and tehre are a bunch of warewolves who would have just runed running towards us. we were too late. we started turning a little bit but not enough. we started running away from the warewolves chasing us. we went in through the mall, there were already warewolves tracing down our old path in there. we run and leave through a different exit, the head warewolfe keeps telling the rest where we are. we keep running towards a bridge, dodging warewolves on the way. the guy im with tells me to jump down beside the bridge, i am afraid to because i think its just water there and tehres trees blocking my view. but i do it anyways. it ends up being ground tehre and also a bunch of people there that had been wai9ting for us. the warewolves had chased us to this spot and they ahve some thing going with a fire to help us finish changing to warewolves. we become warewolves and my buddy made his way up on the ranks. one day, during the daytime, we went to that mall again and tehre was some big event going on. we tried buying part of the mall ioff them and told them about some plans. they wouldnt let us and sent some people to arrest us.. i think i also remember one of us dropping some books or somethign and not being able to grab them back when we were arrested.

also i never did watch a movie or anything about warewolves that night just in case thats what you were gonna say...haha

was kinda weird i thought
well my interprettation is that you either were or are in danger of being influenced by some untrustworthy/dishonest people/friends. If this dream occurred before shark dream then its same theme, but shark dream reveals that even though it gets really bad you will be saved form this situation.
You are welcome, disassociate with those around you, they are clearly not good for you! Find some new friends.

You know who the bad influences are, lose them!
yae for sure man i've pretty much figured that out and told 99% of the people in my life to go fuck themselves
thanks bro
whenever i dream about flying its under something elses control, like i can't even control my own flying
someone else makes me
what would that mean?
same as all the rest my friend, that you are being dragged down, influenced, hindered, thwarted, people opposing your plans for advancement, negative forces ...set yourself free (by the way I'm a gal ;) )
You must have VERY strong influencing force in your life, identify who or what it is and free yourself, it may be home/job/person, but you know it, release yourself from it, may seem drastic, remember number 7, see how thats related and do it!
yea i dunno i'm aware of this for sure
lfies getting better though i mean ilive by myself
seems like nobody can be trusted anymore these days
you're rigth though everyone tries to bring me down
but remember TRIES
i don't let the shit get to me
i mean after a while sometimes it does effect me a little bit of course
but what can you do rigth