Dr. Ellis' panoramic pumpkin patch

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Dr. Rye's panoramic pumpkin patch

We passed under a trellis of gourds
smelling apple cider in the crisp autumn air.
Before us was the gift shop
and beyond an enormous field
of pumpkins.

Inside the shop made of barn timbers
beautifully carved scenes warmed hearts
with candle light.
Pumpkins adorned by hand
revealed the Last Supper,
the triptych by Bosch
and even Van Gogh.
Many were for sale including
a triple decker pumpkin hookah
that caused mild alarm.

That a Nobel prize winning geneticist
had a farm was to us
a sweet endearing charm.
The big seller was his pumpkin pie.
and special seeds bred by Dr. Rye.

The good doctor knew
what is known by a few
but is seldom questioned.
98% of the human genome
contains no active genes
but rather vast landscapes
of unknown code
as broad as deserts
and high as mountains.

He removed the dense cities
and small towns
we know as our genes
leaving only the unknown.

This he placed in pumpkin seeds.
Along with a gene
for acetylcholene
and a harmless virus
to transfer the codes
into new cells and gametes.

A farm,
a hobby, a garden of delights.
Who was to know
it was the practical joke
of the millenium?
A secret spread from one generation
to another
ad infinitum.

No one may suspect or question why
Dr. Rye did it.
It still remains a secret.
Those who have had his pie
only know they know more
than they have ever known before.

Dr. Rye has often said
"Man can seldom predict an outcome
without science.
But our will
can be done
with a little
self relience".

While the good doctor
knows no regret
for the time he spent
sharing the great
a child is born with
twice the code
deeply within its genome.

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