Does goverment spy on you?

They do spy on Home Health Care providers. Since Covid, the states have reduced in-person supervisory visits to home-health residences and now require some 800.000 attending medical personnel (the majority being retired RNs, LPNs, CNAs, to log in with the GPS feature on their iphone when visiting and various categories of care start and end, shopping and transportation of client to record where and when.

The program is called EVV (Electronic visit verification)

Electronic visit verification
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Electronic visit verification (EVV) is a method used to verify home healthcare visits to ensure patients are not neglected and to cut down on fraudulently documented home visits. Beginning January 1, 2020, home care agencies that provide personal care services must have an EVV solution in place or risk having their Medicaid claims denied, under a mandate included in the 21st Century Cures Act.[1]
While the federal mandate sets key data points that must be collected and electronically verified, states create their own systems. State governments decide how to gather and report data that EVV vendors use, and whether to include additional EVV compliance rules.[2]
This deserves a response.
This is the fundamental concept;

Tracking software[edit]
Electronic visit verification is mainly done through the use of GPS tracking and computer software. It can also include the use of telephone based systems where healthcare workers can call-in from each location.[7] GPS can be used to track the location of nurses, or a "check-in" system can be used requiring healthcare providers to clock in when they are at a home visit.[14]
EVV is also used by employers to track employees and determine their compensation. Electronic visit verification software integrates with payroll systems that allow companies to verify payroll of its nurses.[6] Many EVV software providers employ a cloud-based system that integrates with a mobile app to coordinate schedules, billing, payroll, communication, and patient documentation.[15] Nurses can update patient files with the system while also submitting working hours to their employers.[15] In contrast, companies such as First Data provide a telephone and computer-based system for verification,[9] similar to the system implemented in the state of Texas in 2015.[16]

Having some experience with bookkeeping associated with state and federal programs, I can honestly say this program is a bookkeeper's nightmare and riddled with incompatible value systems between administrative agencies. Fundamentally it requires two separate accounting systems (2 books) and instead of streamlining the entire chain of administrative functions it has made it more complicated and subject to fraudulent practices that have nothing to do with "patient care".

Case in point:
Many EVV software providers employ a cloud-based system that integrates with a mobile app to coordinate schedules
From what I have seen, the app is a converted inventory system, like the guy walking up and down the isles in supermarkets counting "bean cans" by different codes and entering the results on a tablet to be processed by the "purchasing department".

The problem is that elderly and disabled persons are not "cans of beans" that can be neatly organized and controlled. Homehealth requires many different skills from the caregiver at any time during the day and it is impossible to "organize" a daily schedule for personal physical and emotional needs.

Moreover, most Agencies require the caregiver to provide a GPS capable iphone which cost about $100.00 and require an access fee of about $30.00 p/mo. to be paid by the caregiver.

This is multiplied by 800,000 caregivers nationwide. Do the math.

IMO, somebody is benefitting from this new system and it isn't the patients or their caregivers
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Then well create a VPN...
If times and coordinates do not match nurses notes and google maps, the caregiver may be denied payment

Moreover the caregiver's agency is tasked with keeping track of the allotted hours by code and scheduling the hours of care without consulting the patient's needs and wishes and the caregiver's input.

IOW, four administrations (healthcare agency, independent tracking service, independent insurance co, state health dept), are now running the entire administrative show, but making the caregiver do all the work and trying to fit required regulations in the allotted time frames, instead of dedicating all her attention and efforts taking care of her client, who relies on her for assistance with any special physical needs, depending on age or disability.
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Is it still possible to distinguish between corporations and the government?

As/re the government: When they want to find out something about you, they can.

circa 1968: When they were doing a background check on me for my security clearances, they found out stuff about me that I had forgotten, and some contacts that I didn't even know about. (eg; one fellow and I were at the same party at the same time----but no one introduced us---we met again a couple years later ---so they asked me about him---??? then, they told me about the party---and asked me again----oh, said I, I did not know him then---------then many more questions and answers for 3 days----
and now
with advanced technology
you have very few secrets. (maybe, almost none)
you have very few secrets. (maybe, almost none)
None, if you do any work, shopping, charitable donating, research, news gathering, entertainment, socializing or keeping in touch with relatives and friends via the internet. IOW, unless you're a very crafty Luddite.
They've always had access to your school, banking and tax records, employment, legal and health history.
Ironic that it hasn't occurred to scorpius that the Chinese government spies on him.
all governments spy on people & other groups & individuals

which is why you should vote for someone you trust to be your leader

& support smart forward thinking pro-active regulations

i dont buy apple

... what is apple looking for ?
apple is looking to be the next gen intuitive device computer that can pre-empt your spend & then deliver it to you to capture your money off you.

peoples cell phones are the perfect collection device

people choose these things & choose to sacrifice their rights in exchange for products & services.
AFAIK you can turn the GPS feature off, but any phonecall you make still is traceable via the transmission towers and allows for triangulation of your location.
Do you have any kind of smart phone?

You don't think that an Android phone is any better than an Apple phone in terms of spying on you, do you? (In fact, it may well be worse.)

android you dont need to put your personal details into a hackable system to exploit yourself

apple force you to create endless memberships & registration processes & collect emails and create personal details & multiple profiles
just to get a working telephone

its ridiculous

but people seem to enjoy it
people want to hand away their self autonomy to a big brother system of power then blame the power when they fall over because they are not looking where they are going.

which is why the americain leadership government system is soo bad
because it is designed to usurp absolute power from each other department around it as a form of protest and deliberate disruption to process

then everyone complains about government not working properly when its designed that way in accordance to all the preachy constitution nonsense

then everyone gets upset saying government is too big and is too expensive
but its designed that way

because people dont want to read the terms and conditions or learn anything or have any self control or self discipline.
It's not my problem, scorpius! LOL.
Does that matter?
If you acuse someone of something its definitely your problem to prove or disprove such.
Otherwise youre total waste of my time.
When you grow up and make this mistake in busines world or politics you may have to deal defend against some big ugly lawyers.its That simple.