Does cosmology answer why the universe exist?

Does cosmology answer why the universe exist?

Not yet... but if it will find answer in the form like... Preuniverse state is highly symmetric and unstable, it must be crashing into a less stable state called universe... will you be satisfied?

What is the meaning of life in the eyes of a cosmologist?

The question about meaning of life is a tricky one since it potentially involves mental problem. If it is often, repeatedly, obsessively, appearing in mind it may be a symptom of a process of developing depression. The end of this stage is a conclusion life has no meaning thus no sense and the next stage starts with suicidal thoughts. Healthy way of approaching this question is to undertake serious study starting with literature survey and getting knowledge what answers others, professionals provided throughout history.
Why is there a sudden rush of people here wanting us all to know what they believe, but not why?

Really: who cares what you believe? Tell me why you believe it, then we might be able to have an interesting discussion.
I believe all time and space exists because we are surrounded by an iron shell that is occasionally breached by heavier elements
The universe exists from nothingness.
The Will of God creates it from nothing.
The universe exists from nothingness.
The Will of God creates it from nothing.
They might be your beliefs, but given that this is in the science section, you'll need to support them to have them taken seriously.
Scientists agree that the bing bang is from a point.
A point basically is nothing.
Scientists agree that the bing bang is from a point.
A point basically is nothing.
There are many different understandings of what that particular "nothing" might be. Lawrence Krauss has one understanding in his book "A universe from nothing", for example, while others would say that even his version of "nothing" is still something, and thus not truly "nothing" etc. So your statement starts to get into realms of philosophy, metaphysics etc, which is where knowledge ceases and opinions take over.
As soon as you then start trying to add a reason (the "why") to the "what" of something happening, you wander even further from science.
Why would a god have more success creating something from nothing than any other natural creative process?

And then there is the question if God was created from nothing. How would that have worked?
maybe we need to wait until we die, our life transformed into spiritual form, then we can understand.
who created 1+1=2?
1 + 1 = 2 is a human symbolic representation of an axiomatic logical function.
It was not created but discovered and codified into human symbolic mathematics.

Input (value(s) --> Function (mathematical process) --> Output (new value)
so 1+1=2 exists eternally regardless of human beings.
Well, yes, but of course not in that exact representative form.
Numbers are human invented symbolic representations of oberved values and patterns of values.

The way I process this concept, is that "numbers" are representative of abstract universal algebraic "values" and that all physical objects have certain inherent values or potentials as "individuals" or as "sets" of individuals.

Perhaps a little like Platonic solids being symbolic representations of abstract 3 dimensional geometric "patterns".

I believe that all of human science relies on symbolic definitions of these universal abstractions and their relational interactions.

The beauty is that human symbolic mathematics seems to be sufficient for humans to make sense of the observed physical world.
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