do you beleive that cell phones link to cancer?


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some people probably wont read this message but i was just interested in what you all thought about this theory. some people say that cell phones cause brain cancer because of the amount of radiation they submit into your brain. i personally think it could happen but i use my cell phone daly.
Actually, all cancer research is flawed
as cancer is hereditary in white mice.

There are radiations everywhere. They come from TV & radio towers, outter space, 60 hz power line, car motors, resonant frequency of different molecule like water or hydrogen, power plant, etc...

December 19, 2000

A study of people who used cell phones for an average of less than three years found no evidence the devices cause brain cancer. The research does not, however, answer the question of whether longer-term use is dangerous. ...

conficting resource:

Users of mobile phones are at increased risk of developing brain tumors, especially if they use older analog phones, a team of Swedish medical investigators has suggested. ...

both source are from 2000 (alittle outdated) and they conflict with each other, but you know what they say about getting medical info from the net...

I remain undecided.

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