Do women feel entitled because they are female?

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Only took my idiot friend 4 years to admit that girl was a piece of shit, then again he met her when she was 16 and he was 20, and the only reason why they are getting a divorce is because she tricked him into moveing up to Iowa so that she could muff dive the hell out of this girl she met online. So after 4 years of her calling him a cheater, she moved out of his house and into her girlfriend's house.

Don't worry, there are plenty of girls who feel entitled to not have a job on the basis of 'oh but I have a vagina'. In fact, I met plenty of girls who were in university for no reason other than to get married so they could stay home all day.
....Don't worry, there are plenty of girls who feel entitled to not have a job on the basis of 'oh but I have a vagina'.... .

That's it? :shrug: A vagina, so she doesn't have to work? Are you sure it isn't because people treat you the way you let them treat you.
The girl I'm working on right now and I got into an argument one afternoon because I told her that after kids she should get a part time job until they get into school, but other than that she is a strong believer in women getting jobs.

Last spring I had the feminist for a professor and she was pretty lol. One day she asked me if I'd feel emasculated if my wife were to get a job, and I just laughed at her and told her that if she didn't have a job, then she'd be out on the curb. Then she asked me if I'd feel emasculted if my wife were to make more money than me, and I was like well the carrer that I have lined up for myself is going to provide me a pretty significant amount of money, but if she can manage to make even more money than I do, then that is simply adding to the wealth of the estate.
Ah poor baby is scared of the concept of equality.

You're hallucinating my opinions and feelings. But nice avoidance.

I notice you said nothing about my earlier post:
Well, you seem outraged about something. We can only hope, for your sake, that this is based on your experiences and not just fantasies you have, alone in your apartment. You seem to feel you, as a man, are on the unfair end of things. You also speak harsly about liberals.

Remember liberals always tried to get the laws to be fairer, for example, between the races. They also listened to the stories of people, like for example African Americans, who felt marginalized. Conservatives and reactionaries viewed these people as special interest group whiners who should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Well, you are whining now.
What are you going to do to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps in a society you think unfairly favors women?
I see several men in positions of power both in government and in the private sector.
I see some men who have managed to find spouses who have jobs, or are happy homemakers, who do not slap their husbands when they are called bitches, in fact who do none of the things you whine about. So, given conservative logic, given that there are 'success stories' everyone else should shut up in that discriminated category or they are whiners. Knuckle down and get the life you want.

Are you going to do this?
Or will we be reading for years how unfair it is to live in this society because you are a man?
Well, an insult and a label is hardly a response or argument, but there's nothing I can do about your limitations.

I am sorry you feel so victimized as a man in this society. I hope you find the personal strength to succeed anyway.
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