Do we have freewill ? is it biblical ?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by zacariah88, Feb 22, 2023.


Do you believe you have freewill

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  1. zacariah88 Registered Member

    We have freewill God lets us decide to do good or bad and our purpose in life is when we make that decision. it's easy to not know that purpose because we are different. But freewill God gives it but he also gives us the law and the law is not wrong and niether is freewill just soceity itself is wrong and we have forgotten what is the normal back in those days. Society mistakes and thinks G-d is against freewill but gave freewill the right to choose and they have invented freewill is voting, paying taxes, and civics duties. No people those things are the mistake modern society makes because they think they have evolved in such A way they surpass all of Israel back in those day but truth G-d is fair and gave us all. We have lost what is important love because human society is wrong and it's foundation is false and invented by masons.

    G-d created it all the rocks, the atmosphere, everything has been giving and from all that we have built buildings and empires everything we have built has come from him modern world is our work and act but we do not acknowledge them we take the glory and everything for we are sinful. The concept of government we have created but we emulated it from G-d and his kingdom the order G-d has it first, the structure he establish since the dawn of the universe. We have created rights but we cannot use our rights agaisnt G-d and say he has violated them or civic manner say our freedom and establishment of our democracy hits against G-d and his kingdom. For he has the kingdom and the law. The law of his word and we do not have that for G-d gave us words but we are babylon the law is only his. Nor it belongs to hebrew people, eunuchs, or angels it only belongs to him to judge.

    Our own system is flaw because we copy from each empire that has been establish Babylon, Rome, Greece, Britian, and Nazi Germany. Each has given its concept of right and law and all have copied each other and failed. Because again bible has establish that G-d and his system works and we with our notion of democracy and rights have copied on Rome and Babylon and they are wrong. The most important things that because we have technology which has help us after world war 2 we think we have surpass it all and enter the digitla world and we circumvalent our promblems of family, corruption, and normal things we had before the 1950's and think we are gods. And we want to be eternal and to be like powerful like G-d because it is what we have always been thinking because all of it is copy. When we are original and have the right system like he does everything works but our government and system does not because we are with flaws and our own boundaries aren't the solutions they are A reminder that we will never have A perfect system thus our rights and belief in them cannot be the truth. The freewill is revealed that there is A difference from freewill with G-d on accepting the right and wrong and succeeding in that way and from freewill from our modern concept which has failed and clashes with G-d's law which is right and truth and unless we do not use our rights against G-d freewill is that what we make only A lie and it existence false.

    Freewill from that point of view is that of society and since society has masonry in it and all foundations of masonery is babylon and Dagon it compells people to make G-d like unfair despotism but you cannot apply that to G-d for he is G-d and he is God of Gods those words are just feeble people who make laws copying the old empires and fallacy arrives in it's policy. There is A way government can follow G-d's politics but that will be another day. But people and society will always collapse confronting and using thier rights and saying there is no freewill when you have to one understand things from G-d's point of view understand what serveth the law, how the law is completed thru love and how faith as A tool helps you make A better realtionship with G-d. When you find the truth and love in his way that G-d establish thru Jesus Christ you understand A secret way which freewill co-exist with G-d and love is what that bound unites it and makes freewill work but not under modern society but thru G-d mosaic law and know that is true freewill has been given to you but from the stance of modern world and republics establish go into error. I will explain more but have did A lot.
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  3. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Is this what you've come here for? To explain to us how, collectively, we've got it wrong?
    Is this intended to be a discussion? Or a sermon?
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  5. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    I dont have beleifs in freewill.!!!

    Will i not go to heaven unless i beleive in freewill.???
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2023
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  7. C C Consular Corps - "the backbone of diplomacy" Valued Senior Member

    Your body/brain produces your behavior and decisions, and carries the current configuration of your identity (personal interests, beliefs, preferences, etc). So you have autonomy.

    IOW, it indeed doesn't require remote control from space aliens, God, angels, the Chartreuse Fairy, or the demon abiding in dimension FuFu, and so-forth to merely endow you with the appearance of such while it's actually invisible _X_ manipulating your strings.

    But it's not absolute freedom to exercise your body's volition because other people, organizational entities, and situations can sometimes force or compel you to do things against the grain of your psychological traits or make you passive with respect to something you would otherwise be reactive to. Still, even in those instances it is your brain making the assessments and judgements to obey or conform to a coercive external agency, and your body responding to the output of those internal processes.
  8. mathman Valued Senior Member

    You will not go to heaven unless you learn how to spell!!
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  9. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    I pray thats true

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  10. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    Welcome to sciforums. I hope you're here because you want a discussion, and this isn't just a drive-through sermon you wanted to deliver. I suppose we'll find out.
    Right from the start, there is potential stumbling block. You're going to find more than a few people on this forum who don't believe in any god. But let's assume for the moment that there is a God, for the sake of argument.

    Are you saying that God's purpose for some people is for them to decide to do bad?
    Which law are you referring to? Which God are you referring to? Are you talking about the law in the bible? Or the law in the Qur'an? Or some other law?

    How does God communicate this law to people?
    If you're right, then God invented free will, not to mention the people who have it. But you also said that God gave people the freedom to invent taxation, ideas of civic duty and the like. Didn't you? Or do you think God gave us taxation, too?

    Your last sentence here seems to go beyond the topic you defined for this thread. You say that human society is wrong and its foundation is false? But wasn't human society founded by God's will? What have masons got to do with it? Are you thinking of Freemasons? Do believe that society in general has been corrupted by the Freemasons, or something like that? Or am I reading too much into what you wrote?
    God's government would be perfect, I assume. You're saying that we corrupted it, right?

    How can we find out what sort of government God wants?
    What's God's law based on? Does God just decide, as an arbitrary whim, that some things are right and others are wrong? Does God merely saying that something is wrong make it wrong? Is that the only thing that makes something wrong? Or does God say that some things are wrong because there's some "higher" principle that God considers?

    Should we obey God's law just because he says so, or is there a better reason?
    Which system is yours? What country are you talking about?

    Which modern system is based on Nazi Germany?
    Did Nazi Germany copy Britain, or did Britain copy Nazi Germany? Can you give an example of the copying you mentioned?
    So we're talking about God's law as set out in the bible, are we?

    The bible says it's okay to own slaves and to beat them under certain circumstances. Do you agree that these things are right and proper?

    You say the biblical system "works". What do you mean by that? In what way does it "work"? For whom does it work? How can we verify, objectively, how well it works?

    Which rights copied from Rome and Babylon are wrong? Can you give a couple of examples, please?
    Who says we have solved all problems of family, corruption etc.? You say "we" think that. I don't think that. You don't think that. Who are you thinking of, then?
    Do you know of any human societies that have obeyed God's law and had everything work for them? Or are you saying that all human societies fall short of God's perfect law, because of human free will? If that's the case, it's God's fault, isn't it? God could have chosen not to give us all free will. God must have known that giving us free will would lead to imperfect societies.
    I'm guessing you're referring to Freemasonry, again. One of the foundations of freemasonry is the bible. In particular, the freemasons hold the construction of the Temple of Soloman to be a foundational story and an important allegory for morality.

    Who or what is Dagon?
    How can we know what God's politics is? Are you saying you know what a perfect form of government, based on God's laws, would like like? What would it look like? How do you know The Way? (Fine if you want to have that discussion in a different thread.)
    Why is this a secret? How did you learn this secret?

    I'd be surprised if you didn't want to tell people how to make the perfect society, if you knew of a secret way. Can you explain why you would want to keep that kind of thing secret? If current society is evil and you know the way to improve things, why wouldn't you want to share that knowledge with everybody who will listen?
    Okay. I'll wait until you explain it more.
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  11. zacariah88 Registered Member

    It is a discussion on freewill.
  12. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    We gathered that from the thread topic.

    Is that all you have to say? What about all the questions that have been asked of you?
  13. zacariah88 Registered Member

    Will answer and I have answered those question and revealed the secret of freewill. Here first let me show this and your asnwer will I will give you the answer of A.I. freewill be patient please.
  14. zacariah88 Registered Member

    Because one you have since Adam " Choice " he can choose and not like the devil you can change your thinking that everything is decide you have to think outside the box ! People here the conlflict so many people is your freewill because everything is predestined you think you never had any choice God gave you A choice ! You were sent here by God A long time ago for God said he met you and knew you before you were concieved in your mother's womb. You have a plan, God planned you and sent you, you don't know it ! Yet. Were all part of God's divine plan and when he sent you here before you came to this world he gave A mission ! What is your mission or purpose ?

    You can decide to use God's will, holy spirit , God's plan ( It's all separeted but works for his plan at the end !) and love in his mission your purpose or don't know and live in ignorance an sin ! He give you choice and does not force yourself to do his bidding if so you would not have freedom to choose also from Jesus salvation which he gave freely !
  15. zacariah88 Registered Member

    He sill wanted us to obey him and be in the Garden to be in paradise forever bu came the enemy ( the devil) and our paraidise ruin.
    No, God-relation with man isn't like an A.I. been created or A mamal been born to be like deer or leopard and go their natural way and live life in the circle of life. Our relation was never for the animals and us to be in paradise and no animal kill each other. We were created to live and be servants of the most high our purpose was another. He made us to choose and gave us freewill since the beggining to live but those who know what destiny is and what future,past, and present know you live you born and die say you don't have freewill your life is planned already like animals and you live in the box. You can't get out, Here scientist and rational humainze come to conlfict with both clashes and realize that choosing is not real !

    No, people you can choose and your decison change everything but you do not have the intelligence to be humble and to wise know, our paths are can change and predetermination and God's soveriegn and out his soveriegn do exist and have their been in destiny what he wrote changed ? Yes, God writes everything we do and writes what your going to do. But god allows probabilities billions to one that things can change and destiny can change people. We have Elijah, Huldah, and Moses who change the future of Israel and show probabilities do exist and do happen. And that's part of outside the box that they chaneg the destiny and what God told them to do with his words and authority.

    Know there is born to existence and consciuonsess in this world that we are born and theologist , writtters , and greek thinkers, german thinkers like Nietzche, socrates, aristotles, and Einstein say to leave that of A born baby consciouness is original and shows only good and A way that existence is based on human efforts not true our existence is not base on our efforts. And originality is given by our consciousness and perception but know they are wrong. This is why an error remember in this discussion man cannot know evil if not for good and evil tree it is important that we realize if an A.I. created will not undertand what God established things. So know there is A difference.

    1.human created A.I. and it has freedom and born crisp clean

    2. God-man realationship we have freedom in the garden and God let Adam obey and disobey but letting A tree there and let him had choice to not of eat of it or did eat of it. He had perfect will Adam to obey God and keep choosing freely and walking freely without asking God where to in the garden yes he did. Know this the importance of freedom we must have the relation Jesus had with God and align our will with his and originaly like he wanted and know you have freedom to do only good and it is how perfect freedom is with him and know it is better than any doubt modern thinkers like Einstien, Max Planck, Aristotles and Socrates would argue about destiny predetermination, future , past and present.

    Be in God's path by putting yor will to his and avoid this conflicts.
  16. zacariah88 Registered Member

    freewill existed before adam and eve and the devil had it he chosed to rebelled. You saw it exist does the plan of G-d involves love and choosing to be free. Choose to put you will in G-d's will becuase it cause you conflict like everyone that it's impossible don't be in the box that is fate and destiny and what you decide is cannot be without god already planning it ?
    The plan of God of giving thanks always is different of how he put the laws of physics and laws of probabilities in the world don't go to conlfict everything is possible. Know that mistake was made with moses and huldah and eliajh shows that fate can be changed. But still to pray and pray and doing the impossible to change your fate your destiny of being shoemaker or being into a lawyer is possible if you want. G-d has moved the universe and the fate of our humanity in wars with assyrians when he sent an angel, he makes miracles everyday and moves time and universe. ungratefulness is what all say because they have cobnflict say it's impossible God already plan for you everything but he's plan of god about been thankful even when bad things and been faithful and obeying him in good and bad times isn't about the future beenalready planned and impossible to avoid his soveriegn and he chosed the path already !

    1. what he planned premptively in how the universe wrks and moves the sun and you have night and day and you age and you were bron in A planet God wrote that. physics work and you do everyday on works and buy groceries and food he establish laws.

    2.probablitlies that everything changes and destiny moves constantly even when you don't know and G-d gives you every day to change you lifespan choose a better path by eating vegetables and changing your course of life not making the bad decison going to war and decided to go have job in kentucky and you change routes. everyday people the universe makes cracks in its fabric of how the destiny and chances are made by faith by believing by praying know God hears ya and God moves it all. Everything is possible God has used jews and did incredible things like making kings out of ordinary people makins miracles and making man into prophets and moving the universe for them. God does more thinsg we don't know he does for us becuase he loves us.

    3.Don't be like the scientists who say everything is already planned he is a dictator god because he already decided everything for us and didn't let us choose. know if you decided things out of nowhere and you popped out of the planet and God ceases to exist you became God you wouldn't know what was the last things God did, then you will decide everything and you will make so many errors because you can't do what God does, and realese finally he was right and he put things all for A reason. Those scientist agnostic thinks if they were God decided everything realized how hard God life is deciding everything and he gave you all but you made the bad decisions in life. You had all the freedom you woulnd't know what to do with it and just make mistakes and if you were free to do everything and be A god you wouldn't find true love you woulnd't do things you just be the same individual looking for things and think having all the freedom and you decided everything you woulnd't find that special thing God has for you at the end in heaven. You will be lost and still be unperfect those scientist just blame and if they had everything they will just mess up and realize didn't go their way either and mess up.
  17. zacariah88 Registered Member

    See that the commandments have to do witht he will the lord spoke and gave commandments this is why were giving freewill because they were written in our heart.

    everything is connected and shows the plan of God and secrets inside of it. Truly not only is God's will in his plan but to put things in God's hands, child of heart, the wil of God, the law of eden, the laws of noah, and the 10 commandments and 613 commandments in their and put love shows us the secrets of the plan of God.

    We all have freewill and we use it but it must not rely on our efforts but on God efforts.
  18. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    You are preaching rather than discussing.

    Please review our site posting guidelines, which are available in the Site Feedback subforum:

    Sciforums site rules
  19. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Whether we have free will or not depends, in part, on how you define it. If you are asking as a factual matter then it shouldn't be in the religious sub-forum. If you aren't asking as a factual matter then ...who cares, if it's just an opinion?

    You can argue this question either way. I'd say that the answer is "no", but that would be a lower order answer much like talking about computers and binary. On a higher level we appear to have free will just as we appear to be able to control a computer with Windows or with some higher order programming language.

    If the Universe is deterministic (cause and effect) then the answer is "no". There is also our prior experience that limits the choices that we are likely to consider and make. There is also the issue of many decisions being made on a subconscious level and if we aren't consciously making them then that isn't really "free will".

    On the other hand if you offer me coffee or tea, if feels like I'm free to chose either.

    I'm not convinced that you really want to discuss free will in the first place. It seems that you just want to preach about God. There's probably not much point in having a discussion about free will anyway as it has been discussed in just about every philosophy forum since the beginning of time.
  20. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    You'r freewill directed you to a good place zacariah88... cause i thank most people in this forum alredy beleive that they have freewill... therfor... alredy on a path to heaven

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    I wish you an them well on you'r journeys

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  21. zacariah88 Registered Member

    Reply to James R. :

    1.If you don't believe you can choose I don't want to discrimante anyone please those who ehar me hear me,if I offened you I do apologize. See I wish to discuss and with philosophy and politics and religion we can find the answers to all questions. I'm not saying they do bad but their are moments in history where Abraham had to lie and did wrong and Abigail had to do wrong to save David life. I'm not putting people in that position everyone has the to choose what they want and here we talk about it and God gives it.

    2.The mosaic law and God.

    3. Since man foundation with babylon and greeks it has been wrong he did not give us that, he gave us the Eden and we fall from him. FreeMasonery is cancer that grows in all countries they are not with God but copy it's laws and it's customs. When man left Eden it did what it want and went to build it's own kingdoms and had it's will to decide.

    4.God has government but people do not understand if you want to find a model of God's government you have to see Israel kingdom model since Saul to the last king and see that he is the father and he's is kingdom is perfect. People are wrong thinking that democracy, fascisms, or republicans come from God he never wanted man to leave the garden. He's politics is that we are all his family and we are aprt of his kingdom their is no need of democracy, no need of printed money, or civic rights they don't exist. We don't need them their he gives us peefect will in heavena nd we have freedom to do good and only good was we were meant.

    5. Both , he agve us what we need and what he knows is higher understanding of hwo the future will go and it good what he sees.

    6.The same as your as it got from Rome, you got it from western civilization and Nazi Germany went for the third empire of roman system and felled from it's attempt. And no matter what rome has been influence by greeks, persians, and babylonians in the start of civilization.

    7.Britain has copied Nazi Germany. in laws and culture will make a post with all the links and videos also Germany have copied laws from each other even in modern times.

    8.God's laws in Eden is what i'm aiming originally aiming at, and his laws from Eden work and he wanted us to be in his garden only doing good. The laws of Moses, The laws of Noah, and the law of Jesus do good even if laws slavery existed and the alws of God did good for women since there are laws that agve women higher status than man in those times of a tip of a swrod or for an eye for an eye. Women could have property and have a power like men in law. I ahve made whole thread about that and knows secret sof women in alw of God and law of slavery.

    9. some bad laws and the influence rome has over the world since also masonery pass thru rome. good romans did and influence

    Know Rome did good but did bad in slavery issues and force it's empire by force.

    Also Babylon will do another post ahve to go buy something in stores will comeback ;D. And answer the rest please.
  22. zacariah88 Registered Member

    I'm not preachig wait until I finish then you will see the end results. Like you said James R. you said will wait please.
  23. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    OK, that's the definition of preaching.

    This is a discussion forum; you are doing the opposite of discussing.

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