Do any of you bike to work?


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I am a bicycle commuter. Due to my current situation, I don't have a car, so I commute to work on bicycle every morning, rain or shine. I love it so much that I would probably do it even if I did have a car.

By the time I get to work I am so awake and focused. I almost don't even mind getting up in the morning. I am definitely not a morning person, and it's normally very hard to get out of bed, but I actually find myself eager to face the day because it means I get to ride my bike. I can feel that I am in better physical shape than I have been in for a long time. I have had people at the office come up to me and ask me about it, and I have also met fellow bicycle commuters while I'm out riding.

A lot of people, at least here in the US, have the attitude that adult cyclists are either Lance Armstrong wannabes or simply have too many DUI's to drive. I don't care if people think I'm a "Fred", even though I consider myself more of a roadie, minus the $2000 bike.

I am a member and frequent poster over at and there is a big bike-commuter population there. I wonder if anyone here was in the same boat as me. It doesn't have to be commuting. I am interested in hearing if anybody does grocery runs, weekend recreational rides, or anything of that matter. Even if you don't ride, what are your attitudes toward cyclists? (you won't hurt my feelings, I've heard it all).
I find bicycles dangerous in a big city jammed with traffic every day . Sometimes I enjoy a bike ride in the neighbourhood and feel the beauty of nature .
I ride the 4 km to work on my bike most days, but I confess I wuss out and take the bus if the weather is bad.
Don't mind good bicyclers at all. Just like I don't mind good drivers.

When I see a biker mover all the way up to the front of the pack/split lanes to get ahead of traffic (in other words suddenly NOT act like a car) and then hog the lane as cars have to go around him...I fervently wish for the revolution when I can kill such people. I will fucking crowd him big time as I pass. Don't act like a vehicle and I will not treat you like a vehicle, but like some kind of small animal that wandered on the road and impairs my safety.

But good bikers, yeah I'll completely give the whole lane.
Brought to you by American automobile manufacturers and the oil industry:
I find bicycles dangerous in a big city jammed with traffic every day . Sometimes I enjoy a bike ride in the neighbourhood and feel the beauty of nature .
It's a myth that bicycling in large cities is somehow dangerous, or more dangerous than driving. The statistics for bicycle accidents in traffic situations are indeed somewhat higher than for motor vehicle accidents (on a percentage of bicyclists compared with percentage of motorists basis, that is); however, one need consider that a HUGE portion of these accidents involve children, wholly unfamiliar with laws and "etiquette," and utterly inexperienced bicyclists. Experienced cyclists seldom have serious accidents.

I've biked for my entire life and have only owned two cars over a period of two years--both of which I lived in. I average between 3 and 5 thousand miles per year. In addition to touring--cross-country and shorter trips--through countless cities, 'burbs, and "open space," I've biked extensively within New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, as well as numerous smaller cities. And only three minor accidents caused by motorists who hadn't yet quite figured out what stop signs and red lights meant.

Oh, and bike lanes suck! They're an invention of motorists who want to push bikes off of the roads; and the same motorists seem to park in them or open their doors WIDE (as they think they've got more room because of the bike lane) without bothering to check in their mirrors to see if any bicyclists are approaching.
darksidzz said:
I'd like to, I don't have one right now
You can probably find a good deal on craigslist.

parmalee said:
Oh, and bike lanes suck! They're an invention of motorists who want to push bikes off of the roads;
Yes. Completely right. Bike lanes are generally a setup for getting doored or getting right-hooked.

But with some vehicular-cycling and looking out for my own safety, I feel far safer bicycling in a big city than driving.
Would have done but my work didn't have showers.
I would bike places, unfortunately my location means I don't have anywhere to secure a bicycle. In fact the local town has a bit of a history of push bikes "Walking off" even if they are chained up.

So this means I'm left to "Shanks's Pony", where I have to walk everywhere (Since I too don't drive.)
A tandem costs more than two regular bicycles.

To be honest I don't think bike thieves would steal a tandem, I think it's because people would notice one person peddling off on "a bicycle made for two". So although they cost more, they could be less likely to cost in regards to replacement.
I cycle to work everyday! Cambridge is stuffed full of bikes.

I consider it a good enough excuse for the pastries we get at work.
I lived in Palo Alto for six months from October to April, and I put 700 miles on my bike. It's just WAY to expensive to drive there, plus, I have a 2008 Tundra, and there was no where to park it anywhere.

I just moved to a new place, that is closer to work, so I am biking everyday again.

I don't know if this has been mentioned here, but many cities in the US aren't set up so that you can bike in them. This is a result of the fact that land (in most of the country) is so cheap that it's easier to build out than up. This means that biking is not practical for most people, especially if they live outside of the city. In places where land is very expensive (i.e., Silicone Valley), it is often the case that there is a larger bike culture. In those cities, it is often easier to bike than to drive.
I don't bike to work (I live 35 miles from work) but I do ride my bike often around town. I run a lot and bike a lot. It's fun and reasonably entertaining exercise.

I bike to work. To me it is the only form of exercise that serves dual purpose. By bike I mean bicycles, not motorcycles or powered two wheeled vehicles.