Disney, the Illuminati, and the Masonite conspiracy

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It's everywhere! Open your eyes! lol!



Disney World is pretty cool. We usually have a lot of fun there. I've been there so many times however that it's getting kind of old. I certainly enjoy Disney World way much more than Universal Studios. One thing I like about Disney World is that it encourages children to use their imagination.
I said I guess you are posting this as a joke. You don't have to keep saying duh to prove your an idiot.

Reported for insult..

origin spazzing out: "I can't tell if he's jok'n or not! OMG! Fer Christ Sakes he's posting about Antarctica in the fringe subforum right now! This is horrible! What are we goin to do! I'm so confused!"...duh...
Alrighty guys, calm down. Origin, the jab was unnecessary and I know you know it. Magical Realist - admittedly, you do tend to post some pretty far-fetched stuff... not gonna lie, when I first saw the thread I thought you were serious as well.
Do you believe knowledge is benevolent of both benevolent and anti-benevolent? Because the Illuminati appears to be a secret society based on knowledge as the followers of the light, or the illuminated ones. So they are enlightened. But what is that enlightenment because they are still secret which is anti-knowledge. Does their enlightenment have anything to do with the Gospels account of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden where Gods angel of Light became Satan and tricked man into eating the FORBIDDEN fruit of the tree of knowledge? I don't want to jump to conclusions and say that because Satan was Lucifer the angel of light that the enlightend ones or followers of the light the Illuminati follow that light, Lucifer or Satan.
This is the Illuminati Headquarters. Note how it is "ILLUMINATED"? Solid proof right there! Not to mention the secret underground tunnels underneath it. The animatronically animated corpse of Walt Disney performs a black mass in the tower every year on Halloween night.

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If it is a joke I honestly don't get it. Clearly the "illuminati" concepts are commonly in Disney productions. So what's the joke exactly?
If it is a joke I honestly don't get it. Clearly the "illuminati" concepts are commonly in Disney productions. So what's the joke exactly?

Honestly... there's nothing to "get"... it's some tired, played out farce by people so desperate to find a conspiracy in anything and everything that they have deluded themselves into believing the absurd.