Did Jesus bullshit?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Saint, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Look at what he said, so promising.
    But in fact, millions of prayer never been answered.
    How can that be true?
    Literally, he meant he will answer your prayer positively but this never really happened in out lives
    with accuracy of >70%.
    So, did Jesus bullshit?

    John 14:
    12Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.13And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.
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  3. Seattle Valued Senior Member

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  5. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Why Jesus wanted to bullshit here?

    A father told his son, 'If you score all A in your subjects, I promise to take you to Disneyland for holiday.'
    His son believed what the father said and worked hard to score all A in his subjects.
    But, later the father did not take him to Disneyland.
    The father just bullshit.
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  7. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    What does that story have to do with Jesus?
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  8. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Jesus promised many good things and never delivered.

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  9. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    He was promised many things, but all he got was the crucifix.
    Jesus (assuming he existed and is accurately depicted in the gospels) was a mystic. Maybe epileptic or bipolar. That, plus obvious intelligence and a contemplative nature, may have marked him as special even as a child. His mother taught him about the prophets when he was very small, then the priests at the temple school were impressed by him. There is even a rumour that he spent some time in India before he began preaching, so he could have picked up some ideas about transmigration and learned meditation technique from a yogi.
    He probably believed that he was a prophet destined to save his people; that God was directing him, and would help him lead Israel to salvation.
    Wouldn't be the first or last time some faithful fool was lured to his gruesome death by the chimera of a deity!

    The books were written after Jesus' putative martyrdom, then heavily edited by later Italian (not Jewish) priests with their own axes to grind, so we don't know what's been left out and how much changed or added: the only clue to what probably happened is in the overlap of events that different chroniclers recount. The rest is pretty much made up by religious scholars to suit their own agendas - most notably and notoriously, Paul of Tarsus, who just waltzed into the nascent Christian church and took over, making all his own rules.

    Nevertheless, if you discount the promises and just take Jesus' advice, you won't go far wrong.
  10. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Jesus never taught re-incarnation as buddhism or hinduism believe, he is not likely been to India,
    in his time, travelling to India is not an easy job.
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  11. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    He did teach eternal life, which was not in the Judaic tradition. The Greeks and Romans had a tradition of an underworld for the dead, but not of heaven - and there is no record of Jesus getting a Roman education. The Egyptians had a notion of a happy afterlife, but you had to bring all your own flesh and stuff. While Jesus may have been whisked off to Egypt as a baby, there is no legend of him going there as an adult. And he preached that you can't get into heaven if you own a lot of stuff.
    So, where did he get the idea of the righteous believers shedding their earthy form and sitting around God after they die?
    It's only a theory.
    From Palestine, the only thing that makes it hard is mountains. And Persia is just across a couple of rivers - indeed, it's where his ancestors likely migrated from. There were established trade routes, with caravans going back and forth all the time. Remember the three wise men supposedly came to his Christening - as it were? He didn't start his ministry until the age of 30. According to the gospels, his father was a carpenter, but there is not a word about Jesus doing a lick of useful work, unless you count miracles. So, where was he, and what was he doing in those 10 or 12 years before anyone heard of him?
  12. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Church tradition can't explain why not much childhood story of Jesus was reported in the Gospels.
    Most people say he learned his early education in the Jewish Synagogue, because he seems to be very familiar with the Old Testament.
    His father mostly died earlier than Mary.
    Jesus probably worked as a carpenter to help Mary feed the family.
    His brothers and sisters did not seem to think he is special, and he did not show respect to his family's members too because he said "who my mother? who my brothers?"(Matthew 12:48)
    But James was recognized as his brother, James became Christian after Jesus died.
    He is the elder in Jerusalem church.
  13. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    That's certainly garbled enough to be modern Christian. Well done.
  14. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Did I meet Jesus before? NO
    Why do I believe he will come again? DON'T know
  15. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Saint...the Jesus story is unfortunately ..how do you say it..BS...it is not a case of picking thru his words as they are said to be but one should consider if the story can be true at all...when you look calmly at the facts outside the bible you can only conclude the Jesus story is made up...perpetuated by folk for financial gain and power over poor folk who they threaten with torture or make promises of another life that can not be valid.

    Before Jesus there were many "Human Gods" from Eygpt to India that have been recorded...look for yourself.

    They were all ( mostly) born of a virgin and the mother's name always started with the letter "M".

    They all had 12 followers.

    They all ( mostly) were crucified thereby dieing on the cross and rising 3 days later ( resurrected as they say).

    They shared many many common features, which if you cared to research what I am talking about you will marvel at the commonality of all these human gods.

    The question arises why so much in common...well because all these human gods were invented under the direct consideration of astrology.

    Now stop laughing take a deep breath and read on..the more you read the less laughing you will do.

    The human god was invariably the son of the Sun and no doubt this approach came about because some smart human thought that claiming to be the son of God ( the Sun) was as good as being god in fact a lot better.

    The fact that a god would mate with a human being entirely unlikely goes over these poor folks heads. I mean really..think it through..if you say it twice you can only go..."no what is bs"...its a story from the start just remember that... a story..a very very implausible made up story.

    As I said it was a common place cult business model.

    And so we find the human god always had 12 followers...the Sun travels through 12 constellation.. the 12 constellations of the zodiac..see the link?...the mothers name starting with "M" related to a star whose name started with "M"...see if you can find out the name of that star so as to look a little beyond the myth of the bible.

    The Sun each year mid winter stops on its journey South (You do realise the Sun moves across 40 degrees plus or sky each year?) and was seen to die by the ancients..winter death and all that...it seemed to stay "dead" for 3 days before it was "resurrected" to travel North...at this time it would appear on the Southern Cross if you could actually see those stars in the very early morning...hence the additional reference to the god dieing on the cross...this seems to be in the region of the great pyramid suggesting the astrology started in that region..although that is casual speculation..but a look at a planetarium would show it nicely if you want to look...you could become an expert on all this..make it your new hobby..finding the truth behind religion.

    Now if you look in the night sky you will see the constellation of Orion..( actually go out tonight and you will see it) the 3 bright stars are known as the Three Kings...they line up with the brightest star ( you can see it also tonight..and called it is called Sirius) in the sky to point to where the Sun will rise on 25 th December... it is said this is where you get the Three wise men and the star of Bethlehem story...well of course it is when you realise all of it is astrology based invented by ancient folk who thought the gods were seen in the sky...Jupiter? Etc

    Think how all of this went into creating the Jesus myth...three wise men ( three kings of Orion) guided by the "star" to point to where the human god was born on 25th December ..the death and resurrection..on the cross...there is lots more if you want to look..still laughing?

    As I said there were many many human gods all who had these commonalities tied to astrology...Jesus was just another..I often say just another Elvis impersonator ...back in those times just another cult based on astrology...we know of over 15 but there was probably one in each town...just like there are countless Elvis impersonators around today..some big time some who only come out at a friends party.

    Where christianity really got going was..... it is alleged that a Roman family rewrote the story so as to effectively take over the cult..and of course when Rome adopted christianity all other similar cults were doomed to die out..Christianity could travel the Roman roads whereas the other cults were restricted and their memory removed...even now ordinary believers are not ever told " oh by the way there were many Jesus types around before he came along"...I bet you never knew and almost certainly will just ignore all of it rather than do any research at all.

    You would put more time into selecting a bank then checking if your religion is fake...funny that.

    Now of interest the Roman family responsible also built the Collusium...there is something else you can look into...and also of interest ..the first three saints were members of that family...mmm does that not make you suspicious?

    Now I must say all of this has plenty of evidence if you care to look, certainly I won't spoon feed you as it is really easy to find the truth if only you look...take less time than researching for a good bank.

    My suggestion is if you want to find out about christianity reading the bible will only give you the myth...which I expect will be your choice..in fact you won't bother to look because you really don't want to find out that you have been lied to all your life.

    Now I don't know why Jews have not embraced Jesus given he was prophesied in their old testament but certainly they are not stupid and perhaps are secretly keeping Rome's involvement in the invention to themselves...they must know you could think..and exposing the truth would screw up the pilgrim travel market I guess...best to keep quiet... and it is strange that the only church representing christianity was in Rome not in Jerusalem...one must wonder about that...why would you do it that way? That alone points to the Roman invention story probably being true...

    Christianity as it turned out was an excellent way to reinvent the Roman empire and have people pay their taxes happily via the 10% of the top deal..starts with "T"... and look how it still lasts today...the ultimate way to control people and money out of a small office and no need for a military..if you need a military just call for a holly war..like say the crusades...

    Personally I think the devil is behind all of it..Christians have murdered more than any other group and really immorality simply runs unchecked...hardly a situation where you could think the god sold to us in the bible could be behind the scenes...

    And poor folk like you told to accept it all on faith ( no evidence or questioning being allowed) under threat of eternal torture if you fail to have faith with an unestablished promise of a better existence after you die..one wonders why you have to wait until you are dead...

    Yes it seems the devil has got hold of the show...sexual abuse certainly is dealt with in a manner that one could expect from the devil and certainly not by gods representative on Earth...

  16. Jan Ardena OM!!! Valued Senior Member

    There is a qualification.
    “...whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing”
    Belief by word of mouth doesn’t cut it.
    If you truly believe, you’re prayer won’t consist of a demand. Praying for someone not to die, is no different than than praying for someone not to live.
  17. Jan Ardena OM!!! Valued Senior Member

    His promise was for those who have the ears to hear properly what he was exemplifying.
    Those who don’t have the ears simply follow what they think, or would like to think, he said.
  18. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Why did Jesus cause the demons to go into the bodies of pigs then kill the poor pigs...seems like gross animal cruelty.

    Why did Jesus promise to return in the lifetime of those listening at the time but never ever came back..that's a broken promise right there...not even a letter or a card..heck If I was ever running late for an appointment I would ring and say sorry on my way be there in x minutes...why hasn't he at least got back and said..hey running late be there in five thousand years...

    Are you ok and managing?

    So you have nothing to add to my above post which I take as your approval that I have it pretty well right I guess...
    But interesting isn't it..I like reading about religion...it's so enlightening when you read about it outside the house version.

  19. Jan Ardena OM!!! Valued Senior Member

    I don’t know.
    But whatever the reason, it was good.
    How do you know Jesus hasn’t returned?
    Would you be able to recognise him if he did?
    Yes. Thank you for asking
    You’d enjoy it even more if you were open-minded
  20. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    You are most welcome. I can't reply to other post of yours no time left.
  21. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Every individual who believes in Jesus and prays to him, he should answer directly and deliver them.
  22. Jan Ardena OM!!! Valued Senior Member

    And every individual who does not believe in Jesus and prays to him, he won’t answer directly and will not deliver them.

    The questions are...

    What belief in Jesus entail?
    And what should prayers to him entail?
  23. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Belief begins wit a desire to thank the good stuff you have herd an read about Jesus is true… an then when you have no doubts… all you’r prayers will be proper... an answred.!!!


    I have never had an unanswrd prayer.!!!
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2021

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