Did Christ have a Choice?

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Would it have been possible for Christ to refuse God's will?

If he had been a man with free will, then yes. But if he was really one of God's personalities, aka The Trinity, it would be a lot like agreeing/disagreeing with oneself. I guess they could agree to disagree, but then if they are both really the same entity then an agreement or disagreement would both reflect their combined will, making it effectively impossible for a disagreement, or is that simply a paradox. But if he was really just a man and God's will cannot be overturned, then he did not have free will and was just a puppet that had no choice but to have his strings pulled by his puppet master.

However, if he was a real man with free will and refused God's will, what would happen next? Well, no Christianity for sure. I guess God would have had to inseminate some other poor unsuspecting waif and try the whole savior thing all over again. Would he have had the courage I wonder, being infallible, to admit he had made a mistake with his first choice?
Would he have had the courage I wonder, being infallible, to admit he had made a mistake with his first choice?

Maybe Jesus should not have been nailed to the cross in the first place, which makes a lot more sense. This new testament hogwash saying he needed to be, using ill founded words and iffy prophecies, none of which said the messiah or the actual son of God should be killed to pay for some nonsense sin concoction to justify killing him, or make sense of the Crucifixion occurring, when it's simple. Nailing Jesus to the cross is the worse thing humanity could of done, and Paul deserved everything he got, and to burn in hell for eternity for creating a deluded and sick, blood drinking and bread eating religion.

I mean should Christianity be taking seriously when it is riddled with the very worse sin of harming children, from top to bottom. Islam is worse.

Disgusting the human race. Present company excluded of course.

EDIT: Forgive me, I'm dodgy with my understanding of the use of worse/worst.
He could have said ''no.'' Jesus had free will, but chose to follow God's will. In Matthew 26:39, he asks God to take the cup from him, but only if it be God's will. So, that tells me that he didn't actually ''want'' to (because of the suffering that awaited him), but wished to follow God's will.
Better question is did Judas have free will? If he hadn't betrayed Jesus, then the prophecies would not have been fulfilled and God's plan would have been thwarted. Was God playing dice with our eternal salvation?
If God is all knowing, all powerful, and the universe is determined, would that affect free will? I'd say no. Even if free will is nothing more than an illusion, we still believe that we have the capability to make our own choices.