Dickens 'A Christmas carol'

That seems needlessly defensive for an innocent question.

I think we resolved the topic. Fred's servants weren't slaves.
If it matters that much to you, well done.

I'm just asking if we've moved on.
I may stick around a bit longer. I'm hoping there exists a clip of the film I mentioned possibly on YouTube. Something I cannot be the only one to have noticed in that film. Something real odd.

I'm going for a look around in youtube now...Watch this space.
Wow, they have such a clip...
Apparently I'm not the only one to notice another man's head come into shot in the lower left corner of the mirror. We know it's not the woman because she is not wearing a white collar when we see her a few seconds later.
Here's the text under that clip.

IMAGE IN MIRROR near end of SCROOGE, ALISTAR SIMM VERSION.. look in mirror over Ebenizers left shoulder. Moving profile of man in 1950's modern shirt, collar, hair cut. Camraman? Director? 5th Ghost?
I'm going for 5th ghost.
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