Desktop Screen Shots

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Learning photoshop....

Here's a homemade one. I'm fiddling with photoshop.

edit: Some more painting added, and I think it's finished.

edit3: update on the picture.
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Cool, I hope you enjoy it :cool:

I'm working on another one that can be found here This time, it's going to be entirelly from scratch, no 'inspirational' images to start from.
reminds me to the words "singing in the rain", but I think it's better described as "dancing in the rain" :D

nice. The eyeball is quite spooky, heh, heh.
That is a painting by Jack Vettriano. I love his work though it's hard to find his paintings in high resolution picture form over the internet.


I am trying to find this one in a high res form. His other pieces are equally amazing.
Hey Xiao . . .

Can you post a pic of your desktop background? It's so pleasing to my eyes.'


That is a seriously funny-looking picture of her. What is that thing on her head! :)
Call me old fashion but I set my WinXp to classic mode. I am also very neat and keep my program files in folders on my desktop (Games, Media Programs, Hardware Programs, ect) I also made some of my icons and cursors. Recently upgraded to this Athlon 2500+ (overclocked of course) had to reinstall a lot of thing (Matlab was a bitch to reinstall!)
I sort of modified a certain bands logo and threw it on my desktop since it looks so damn lovely. I wouldn't pay any attention to the masses of icons because half of them I don't use...just keep your eyes on the middle of the screenshot.
Nah, don't play Doom much, but I'm just getting into the CounterStrike map making.
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