Design:All faith aside.


We've already established that we as humans can't do better. Please, If you talk to children don't limit them.

We're beginning to redesign things. Just you wait. We're going to make bacteria our bitch. Then we'll move onto organ systems, limbs.

Besides, they're such obvious problems without any explanation, besides evolution! What was your god smoking when he decided to make the panda? Some good shit, I bet.

But is that even an argument?
Humans can't do X;
therefore aliens/god did it.

That, my friend, is a non-sequitor.
You think not? A singularity which, once ever, split into matter and antimatter, which then dissipated and cooled according to the laws of physics, has a very low probability of occurring but it's not impossible beyond a reasonable doubt because it's still a remarkably simple system. What you're postulating is the same thing happening but yielding a remarkably complex system.

the mind (designer) is very simple. it's just a duality: me and not-me. singularity is even more simple, but singularity never really existed, because it (the nothing where everything comes from) already contains duality because it contains nothing and infinity, me and outside-me.

because the dualistic mind created everything, we see duality everywhere in nature, like male and female, night and day, matter and anti-matter, magnetism, matter and mind...

scientists explain those things with something they call "natural laws", but what does that word really mean and why are the "laws" the way they are....? natural laws is a word that means "habits of the mind".

scientists think that the mind is complex because humans are the most advanced species and our brain is very complex. but our brain limits us. it doesn't create the mind, it focuses it. if we didn't have a brain and a physical body, we could do much more amazing things (like designing a tiger), but then we couldn't focus the same way.

everything in dreams are created and designed by the mind. a dream is thoughts. the rest of life is also thoughts. it's impossible to prove that there is a world outside the mind. there is no outside or inside... there is just one reality that we call mind, and others call it matter, because of the dualistic mind.

Psychology is at least a "soft science."

it's the science of the mind.
john said:
The Origin of Species, by Darwin, can explain it better than I can. ”

I have read it a few times. But if i did believe it at one time i certainly dont any longer.
Based on your objections here, you never understood it.

The common situation, among "denialists", is a perceived need to defend the role of a deity. Otherwise, one has to believe they would be no more likely to take the arguments they propose seriously than anyone else does.

There is no "Design: All faith aside", in other words. And you will notice here on this thread no appearance of a Design Theory. There is only some criticism (very misled criticism) of Evolutionary Theory. Design assertions are based on faith, not argument or evidence.
Thats right Iceaura, i am a deityologist. Come see John to learn about the Deity. If that is what you think then we cannot have a scientific discussion based on the merits of this thread.

"you never understood it. "

what part didn't i understand?