Deep Ocean Wonders and Pollution:


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Stunning 'Mirror Pools' Discovered on The Edge of Boiling Deep Sea Vents


4 APR 2019

It could be a landscape on an alien world. Strange optical effects and dazzling mineral formations bloom on the edge of water so hot it would be steam if not for the pressure of all that deep ocean above it.

"The vibrant colour found on the 'living rocks' was striking, and reflects a diversity in biological composition as well as mineral distributions."

(Schmidt Ocean Institute)

Fluted shelves of mineral stained in brilliant shades; life fed not by sunlight but by the seep of liquid bubbling up from below; shimmering fluids pooling beneath rock shelves, refracting light like quicksilver mirrors.

more at link......[Including an awe inspiring 7 minute video.


Would any one seriously, after watching this video, doubt the wide spread pollution we are causing on this planet? Anyone?

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A new study analysing over 30 years' worth of data on human-made trashfound in the deepest parts of the ocean reveals almost 3,500 pieces of plastic and other debris have been discovered littering these remote, fragile ecosystems.

TheMariana Trenchis the deepest part of the entire ocean – home to distant, alien forms ofmarine life we know next to nothing about– but its remote, almost unreachable location doesn't mean we haven't found ways to carelessly spoil it.

Amazing stuff, and even more amazing at what has been found there.