Decreasing Male Libido

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I haven't read the whole thread yet, but Androcur(e) will kill your sex drive dead

You can only get that here from a doctors prescription... also it won't kill your sex drive (if taken in normal dosages) just reduce it.
You can only get that here from a doctors prescription... also it won't kill your sex drive (if taken in normal dosages) just reduce it.

I've had a look on the net and it's prescribed for hairy women. No doctor is going to precribe it for lowering libido.
If a person had a hairy wife who wanted him to have no libido, she could always get it on the sly.
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Again I'm 42 years old and always horny, I've been taking vitex off and on for a few weeks now. I take 400mg capsules three times a day. It seems to keep you more focused and there is a lot less day dreaming. My wife is constantly telling me to stay on schedule. Sometime I will miss a dose, then I double up and take two capsules. This is when I noticed that it reaaly does seem to curve your desire. It does change your mental state!! This only last for about two hours and then it wares off. It does seem to work though. Going to stay on it, and when I know there is going to be a lot of women around. I take two, it works!! I'll keep you posted!! :)
darksidZz you know what im going to join you on your journey.
it has become apparent that a woman's libido after a year in a relationship can go down to as little as %20 of its original size at the beginning of a relationship, apparently this is to do with forming a bond at the beginning and to snag their man and to ensure pro creation.
In the sales industry we call it inseparable entanglement!!!!!!
now I don't know why when you have a girlfriend they refuse to meet you half way.......?perhaps I should read mars and Venus in the bedroom?
So its up to me isn’t it!!
if i calm down and become less like a dog on heat perhaps the bond will actually get stronger?
and will i act differently in social situations?
here's a bit about me.
male 30, party animal, DJ (club, pub), drinks far too much, is on 0.25mg of respiridal was medicated for 3 years on 6mg of the stuff!, is now after being treated that aggressively allergic to caffeine and most other drugs that can make you nervy or tetchy. I am also hyper sensitive to any medication.
I have used and abused my mind and body particularly over the years i was heavily medicated to try and fire this brain of mine back up, by self medicating with speed (to the point of snorting and digesting up to half an ounce) in the space of 12 is hours along with a bottle of vodka, and on separate occasions copious amounts of cocaine and ecstasy, amongst other things.
there is thought amongst the psychiatric community that i was miss diagnosed and in fact if you take what they say for the past 3 years verbatim i stand here with a diagnosis of multiple mental health issues though still the respiridal at this tiny level has my mind somewhat caged and as you can probably read a tad disorganised.
i have always used pornography, i would consider my usage as an amount that is disruptive to my life, even from the age i found the stuff (which was far too young)
ive had plenty of girlfriends’ and partners though my libido is so high i have lost several through that in itself.
the problem of my libido became incredibly invasive when i was prescribed quetiapine last year and at a dose that was so strong i could not function i felt not only drained but my libido went through the roof and to be perfectly open and honest with you some days 'relief' went up to 8-10 times daily and from that point i felt an anger inside me i have never felt before, i have never been abusive or outwardly spoken, in fact i have always been far too passive. now the 'relief' has considerably come down from that now i am back on the respiradal, but i feel is still too high, and interferes with my life far too much.
to be honest id be happy if they hacked off the old chap and all the bits that go with it!
im sick and tired of feeling like a bloody teenager that has just discovered his 'lil' pal ;-) and now im off the narcotics and feel that my multi chequered psychedelic pharmaceutical past should stay exactly in the past, i now crave clarity of mind unmarred by the anger caused by my turbo charged libido.
I shall start with two 400mg pills time now 09:55 am Sunday wish me luck!
Welcome to this thread. First let me say I'm glad someone else is following this idea so closely. Let's review the current progress I made....

After trying Vitex for awhile I gave up figuring there was no method of counter-acting the sex desire. I'd actually started taking Zoloft @ 100 MG for depression and it had been helping me to a point. I felt more in control of my feelings and not so confused.

This doesn't mean it helped limit my libido, infact I only experienced a mild effect from Vitex even though it was touted by those monks as a anaphrodisiac. And let's be clear here what we men are seeking is called an Anaphrodisiac.

This site would seem to offer a complex of herbal compounds designed for this end I had no chance to actually purchase the stuff and try it out, I kinda felt like it might be a scam or just pointless since the Vitex hadn't done that much for me. Of course I'm back to my desperate need for sex and so this is interesting how it can control someone so intensely.

Think of it? Men everywhere do things for women, but what return do they get? Money is lost, financially they are usually worse-off and even the women admitt that! They say things like "oh he'd better have a job" or such because they want his money. So this experiment is totally valuable to us.

I will look into buying that stuff from the website soon, I'll give it a shot. Many of the compounds in it are also considered to decrease the libido, I merely chose Vitex because it was supposedly one of the more potent.

Good luck and report in regularly!

I'd also like to point out, how many men here have hurt one of their best friends because of what a woman said or did? Do you want to live like this forever and be manipulated by a girl? I don't think I want too...
Yes i aggree women do have the control they've wished for for a very long time, though the tyrant side seems to have been unleashed to go with it, two examples come to mind.
i saw an image on facebook or something like that with a boy facing a girl and she had pulled her shorts open toward him, he was looking down and the caption said "with this im going to control you for the rest of your life!"
that in itself kind of sums it up does'nt it........................
and the other to be honest brings me to a completely different point, which is i can't remember the other point in the first place haha clarity of mind on this stuff certainly not, though i'm more focused.
i feel utterly abliterated which is not a nice feeling but kind of funny!
there is an intense calm within me and my anger ahs all but vanished.
i have a weird ache in my left testicle and a weird half tickly half dull feeling that something needs to be released from within, as in excreted and or ejaculated, ooer !
if i may be blunt at one point i attempted the motions of releif but to be honest was completely uninterested.
where things would usualy get my back up i am just shrugging them off.
i am a tad happy go lucky though i am having trouble concentrating on conversations as after a short while they seem to sound like the brilliantly incoherently funny inane ramblings of the teacher in charly brown if any of you remember that.
my final literal vice is smoking and i just can't be bothered to smoke, its kind of like i get the urge but when i light up its too much effort and no longer appeals.
I also think that that can of larger in the fridge should not be opened.........
the intense urge to have sex has somewhat dimmed, though i would say to sum this up at this point in the local lingo im "wrecked off my face mate, hammered" and having troubles with short term memory, spacial awareness, and understanding basic things.
most bizzarre.
at this point i am now dicing with the idea of having another two before bed.
oh yes the other example comes to mind, i worked along side a hell of a lot of eastern european women, now when i used to look at adult magazines and things like that or models in normal mags i used to think ...where do all those girls hang out because ive never seen them in my dreary horrid town!
when the eastern european woman arrived the realisation hit hard, ahhh thats where they all come from, poland, slovakia, the CZ republic and such.
now men outnumber women in my town considerably and the women have the run of the mill, this makes most of them hapy to dump by text as men for them are litteraly like busses and ofen turn up 3 at once!
this also has made the majority of females in my town complacent and unnaproachable unless you can recite romeo and julliet (the blockbuster version) whilst twisting the light fandango standing on your head to impress!
the EEU girls on the other hand are polite and full of hardcore values, including wearing blingy diamante names of their, husbands or boyfriend on their person and very vocal about how much they love them, they are also incredibly beautiful and expect little ....
so my philosiphy is that as soon as these girls work out that actually the men in the town centre would adore a date with them and think tey are gorgeous and are less aggressive than their norm (yes i can confirm the aggressive statement) the women in this town are doomed unless they kick the act up a bit and pull their socks up tight!
i do not hate women neither do i think they are a lesser peron or below us as a species.
perhaps women could take this as an insight into mens minds?
ooops very much rambling......need desperatley to sleep (for a month or two!)
I didn't read the whole story but I disagree that women REALLY control men with their sexuality. It is consensual control. If the male wanted he could leave and go bang some other chick.

Also to decrease libido, I have noticed, that not working out, decreases libido. That is, working out, increases libido a lot in my experience. Also, getting older and not having sex causes libido problems that can lower a libido at a stronger rate than normal.

But the most important thing I think, is to just not masturbate. This is probably hard to begin with, but if I keep it up for a few weeks, my libido decreases to the point where I only 'need' to masturbate once every week. In fact it becomes difficult for me to reach the ejaculation point if I don't masturbate a lot.

Hope this helps.

PS lol postcount
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I can see your point, the vitex has made not constantly wanting to bash the bishop a lot easier.
though the thing is, not every guy has the confidence to go bang another chick! let me offer a couple of points for your thoughts.
at a young age it has been proven that boys are more sensitive than girls, why is it so difficult for us to approach a girl in a bar or club? some guys have no troubles the others worry themselves half to death, I was in a club some years ago with some mates and a very lovely female was standing some distance away, now not knowing a kiss until its on my face or a look unless there’s a giant Nevada neon sign pointing it out, my mates all said she’s was giving me the eye and I should go talk to her ...the nerves took hold and pint after pint which I thought would be a good idea to give me confidence later I decided I could go over , start with a compliment ( her hair was amazing) and introduce myself, right i thought ill do that... so i went over and wrecked with fear in one sentence blurted out
himynamesmaxandireallylikeyourears, promptly realised my mistake and walked straight into the ornate pillar, mission failed , game over!
some guys can just go do that some can't
secondly go bang another chick is a meaningless and thoughoughly empty thing to do, does the sex not get better the longer you are with a girl?
though men are men we are the red blooded of the species and im afraid if our needs are not looked after eventually we are going to wander into the store room with the latest tart of an office filly who's offering a Monika Lewinski style of lovin on a plate!
yes yes its hard not getting a shag but then its even worse if you are already in a relationship and cant get one either as the complications are far deeper, if you don't have a woman you know you can't get sex if you have a partner you tend to feel angry, rejected, the paranoia sets in as in who is she seeing what am i doing wrong? am i terrible in bed? am i that bad looking that she finds me a turn off?
I think that women need to look at the bigger picture here and see the kind of damage they could be doing if they are not willing to negotiate at least coming half way forward!
is it not a case of 6 at one and half a dozen at the other if i guy is constantly rejected and then goes and does the dirty deed?
end of rant lol!
so im into day 3 now and yesterday i was completely wiped out!
the urge to smoke is going down i certainly cannot smoke a whole ciggie i also have waves of incredible hunger and waves of please do not bring food anywhere near libido is nowhere near as high as it was and even though my mind is somewhat confused and the short term memory is shot i am unbelievably focused and seem to be able to complete tasks faster, more efficiently and solve problems a hell of a lot faster too.
the libido is all but gone.
yesterday i took two 400mg vitex in the morning and decided only to take one in the evening through fear of my mind melting in a haze of vitex induced mashup!
this morning i only took one also this seems to be working so far, this evening will soon tell and so will the up and coming weeks.
A quick question for you all, i am on 0.25mg of respiridal i cannot take things like lustral as an antidepressant as it makes me overly nervous and paranoid nor zispin as it has a tranquilising effect on me, as the respiridal plays with the dopamine levels in your head could i take a herbal depression solution like vitamin b5 or st johns wort? which essentially raises the serotonin levels, doctors seem not to be able to tell me!
Oh and by the way as someone who has suffered a psychosis and has a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia,
i have no paranoia! none the combination of vitex and respiridal has floored it , so either my testosterone levels are to do with this too or the combination is doing something in the mind.
much research is needed here, is there a place to post these particular findings on sci forums?
I've had a look on the net and it's prescribed for hairy women. No doctor is going to precribe it for lowering libido.
If a person had a hairy wife who wanted him to have no libido, she could always get it on the sly.

Why not? Some parents have already started putting their teenagers on depro-provera when puberty hit to keep their sexuality suppressed.
I think to effectively test it's effects you may need a larger sample size with some users taking placebos.
According to my research this herb will reduce my male urges to mate. I've decided to try it for awhile and report back here on its effects. I've ordered it online and should be recieving it soon! Although it's used for women there is evidence to suggest it will reduce the male sex drive. I intend to put it to the test... prepare...

"Vitex is one of the best herbs for balancing hormones, regulating menstrual cycles and relieving symptoms of PMS. Vitex works on the pituitary gland, which is responsible for signaling the body to make the appropriate amounts of each hormone, therefore, it helps to bring balance at the core of the issue. It may take several weeks of use (6-12) to start to see its results.

Vitex Agnus-Castus, also commonly called Monks Pepper, acts as a stimulate for the pituitary gland to produce more progesterone and less prolactin. It does not contain hormones, but only stimulates the pituitary gland.

Many women with menstrual cycle irregularities do not produce enough progesterone during the second phase of their menstrual cycle (luteal phase). This means that estrogen, the dominant female hormone in the first phase, continues to dominate in the second phase leading to a number of menstrual cycle abnormalities. It is also frequently found that in women with these problems they have a high concentration of prolactin. High levels of prolactin in latter phases of the menstrual cycle lead to breast tenderness, and is associated with infertility.

Vitex useful in treating peri menopausal and menopausal symptoms, in particular hot flushes, and menstrual irregularities such as flooding, clotting and irregular cycle. Post menopausal women who still feel cyclic mood swings can also benefit.

It is also hugely helpful in relieving PMS symptoms, especially headaches and mood swings."


"Its historical use as an herb to decrease libido and “keep one chaste” suggest it also has a moderating affect on testosterone function. Though long considered valuable for enhancing progesterone, the potential affect of Vitex on testosterone and estrogen levels must be kept in mind when using of this herb."


"Research has shown that vitex may indeed be helpful for treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS), erratic menstrual cycles, and insufficient milk supply in women, and may even help reduce sex drive in men. Vitex causes the pituitary gland to decrease production of follicle stimulating horomone (FSH) and to increase production of luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormonal shift that indirectly leads to higher progesterone levels and a decrease of male hormones, or androgens, in the body."

I don't know about the rest of ya'll but there is no way in hell I would want my libido to decrease. I'm pretty happy with it, but if I had to change it, it would be to increase it!
I don't know about the rest of ya'll but there is no way in hell I would want my libido to decrease. I'm pretty happy with it, but if I had to change it, it would be to increase it!

If you can't get something, it's best to not want it.
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