Debate: Global Climate Change is of an anthropogenic origin.

Discussion in 'Formal debates' started by CheskiChips, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Here you go, the debate is started.

    The participants are:
    Supporter: Global Warming is of an anthropogenic origin. - James R.
    Oppugner: Global warming is not rooted in anthropogenic origins. - CheskiChips

    The order is - James R, CheskiChips, James R, CheskiChips...

    The discussion thread is open to all non-debate participants (including BuffaloRoam).

    If a party fails to respond within two days they forfeit with the following exceptions. If James R. posts on a Friday afternoon, a single day extension is granted past Saturday. If a post occurs on Christmas or New Years James R may delay response with two days of extension. If one party requests extension and the opposing party grants, an extension of variable length is appended which is dependent on the aforementioned agreement.

    All citations must be clearly provided: The presumption being made upon entering the debate is the globe is undergoing climate change, that is, a change in climate which may or may not be attributed to anthropogenic sources. The nature of this climate change, its causes and its predictable future are the intended discussion of this debate.

    If James R has nothing further to add to the rules - it's on him.
Thread Status:
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