Daddy's Home

Mother; "Wait until your daddy us home. He'll read you the riot act".
Son; "What riot act?"

It's true.
Has anyone ever seen the riot act, let alone read it?
Or it just means that one of their parents is home.
My brother and I watched the bus stop eagerly for mother coming home, but checked the parking lot before going upstairs and if our father's car was there, find ways to delay going home. My little cousins squealed and crawled all over their Dad the minute he came in the door, but knew better than try to get away with any nonsense around their mother.
Parents are various.

Has anyone ever seen the riot act, let alone read it?
The Riot Act 1714 (1 Geo.1 St.2 c.5) was an act of the Parliament of Great Britain which authorized local authorities to declare any group of 12 or more people to be unlawfully assembled and to disperse or face punitive action.
It was required that crier read it before the sheriff's men swoop down and start bashing heads.
Nowadays, a top cop with a bullhorn warns the crowd to disperse...
into the waiting truncheons of police phalanges blocking all avenues of retreat.