cyber threat protection


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Hi. How do you call a hacker within the company? Not sure if "cracker" or "insider". Anyway, just little survey for cyber threat protection. What could be a good solution for insider threats and other forms of hacking? Thanks.
Do you mean a hacker who is doing malicious things at a company he works for? That's called being an insider.

Or do you mean a person who gets hired to pretend to be an external hacker so he can find security problems? That's called being a penetration tester.
What could be a good solution for insider threats

Accidental and negligent based vulnerabilities are diminished by better security training and education for employees. There must also be effective consequences for not adhering to security policies (pay reduction or something if the company cannot survive a firing epidemic of special-skilled labor that's blemished by a persistently sloppy safeguard record).

For deliberate insider threats, the company will just have to bite the bullet and invest in pervasive monitoring, more diligent updated background checks, and tighten standards for what particular employees have access to in terms of secrets, classified information, and intellectual property. The consensus permission of two or more top hierarchy people might be required to offset the chance of even one of them being compromised, when it comes to venturing beyond the software protection of the deepest, sacred files. Systematic, regulated paranoia becomes an unavoidable defense.