Current BOT attack on instangram


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i have noticed there is an ongoing BOT attack on instagram.
BOT creating fake profiles or managing a list of profiles following other legit profiles at a roughly 2 for 1 ratio
all profile pics are in the same sequential run and day to month ratio.
all appear to be single girls profile pics used to lure males.
all their profile pics are taken 1 on 1 day, then 2 on the next day, then 1 on the next day, then another 1 on the next day
around 4 days to 5 days in a row
i have seen a similar sequencying bot on auto tweet bots that attach to twitter accounts on auto tweets.
all the profiles have had their pictures uploaded around a year back so im guessing they have been left dormant to try and avoid filters and such like checks.

this looks potentialy massive.
if you have teen age boys check your credit card has not gone missing lol

notifying such companies is just outright foolishnes
it will be interesting to see how long it takes for instagram to pick up this thing.
it will be interesting to see how long it takes for instagram to pick up this thing.

Depends on what you mean by picking it up. A quick check brings mutters in December and January, with either upsurges or simply media attention in March and May, and some chatter from August and September. It's been going on for a while, so they're clearly aware of it. Solutions, to the other, are a more proverbially interesting question.

Hey, you know that conspiracy theory about cancer research, or HIV, and the idea that scientists hide cures in order to get research money? Well, how about something more plausible: Remember when Google just gave away a bunch of account information? Or Facebook ... well, there's the whole business model, but the election bit was pretty impressively foul. At some point I can't help notice the increase in business for credit monitoring and identity security services.

To the other, before we go and get all conspiracist, well, it's amazing which massive entities can get taken how easily, and they can't all be in on it.

Such as it is, shares in credit and identity protection rackets security companies might not be terrible investments.