Cpu Overclocking:best way to tweak system.

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what exactly is overclocking?
(beware!if you dont wanna fry your modem,like i did!)
this term refers to a technique used to increase the working frequency of a processor in comparison to default one.for example if you have processor with a defalut clock frequency of 400 MHz and you make work at 420 MHz(even such small amount is going to help you guys with those 100 MHz x86s.but be sure to buy a cooling system.(ex a fan etc).but by overclocking you also void warranty.

1.) turn the pc off.
2.)run backup of all the data.
3.)check to see how jumpers of bus frequency,the multiplier and the power supply of processor are currently set,check wether they coincide with defaults.
4.)change the jumpers for bus frequency/multipliers based on the clock speed of the cpu you want to acheive.
5.)check for parameters reffering to memory timings,dont change the values,but you need them if system doesnt load os.
6.)check the whole damm thing by running a 3d game in os. if no reboots,no blue screens of death,your mission is a success.and you have a whole lot better system.

actually this is useful for those who have slow computers,who have enough processing speed but become slow in loading high amounts of ram.
Fun stuff.

It is worth noting that AMD CPU's can be overclocked far more than Intel. Intel tend to oush their processors nearer to the limits than AMD.

Extra heat can be a real issue so buy extra fans, especially if you have a dual CPU system.

there is a lot of things that vary into overclocking. Like your mother board might not support it. I just go into Bios and change processer speed. Then I reboot and go in it again and if it changed back it didn;t work or if it still says original speed in white at black start up screen, You made it seem complicated Zion
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