Covid or counting sheep


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Culture shock twilight zone new normal thrust on un-expecting populations. Is this covid or something else? If something else, the truth of that something can't be good, given the shock value twilight zone reality of the new normal thrust on us as citizens. Made for tv or reality as it is, in all it's diverse glory, the good the bad the profane and profound.

I can't resist the temptation of another round in the ring, or is it on the court? These aren't patriot games nor the roman colosseum, but then I've never been much into that type of fashion, nor have I ever been fan of bouncing balls. Isolation not withstanding social interaction, albeit isolated just the same, no touch to claim nor scent. Divided? That's an understatement. In this together? Well, at least this much is true, despite the sides and fence and refusal to balance the beam.

The truth is the truth hurts and if you're truthfully hurting, well ... That's life. That's the new normal, the new culture shock twilight zone experience thrust on an unsuspecting and un-expecting population of citizens unaware of the reason for. Maybe that's the gist and perhaps the rooster on the fence, telling us something we don't understand yet need to hear.