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Major school of thought in China which defends an ethical and
political ideal that has been a dominant influence on the way of
life of the Chinese. Members of the school are motivated by social
and political concerns, and many take part in government at
some stage of their careers, with some attaining influential official
positions. They regard cultivation of the self as the basis of social
and political order, and many of them are also influential teachers
devoted to bettering themselves and their pupils. This
predominantly practical orientation is coupled with a reflectivity
that has led to the development of elaborate metaphysical views,
theories of human nature, and accounts of the human
psychology. Their discussion of such issues as the cultivation of
character, forms of integrity, the nature of emotions and desires,
and the relation between knowledge and action has important
implications for the contemporary study of moral psychology and
ethics in general.

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I had a copy of The Analects but I lent it to
someone and they never returned it. It has
been quite some time now so I have pretty
much given up hope on ever getting it back.
Thankfully, I can read it online until I can get
another copy. :D