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I plan to buy a new PC-----1.5GHz, HDD---7200rp

I now that >1000Hz systems need extra cooling. So what do you advice.
Should I put in extra ventilators[i'll do tht in any case]
How much of them. Where is the best place to put thm?
How can I regulate the power they use?
[when writting in sciforums I do not use full system power:)]
I have also heard about water cooling.
What is tht?

On my PII 333 I didn't have to think about overloads and extra heat, so I would really appriciate some advice on this.
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I keep my Dell laptop in battery powermanagement mode most of the time - cuts
down on fan time by at least 70%.

Re. Water cooling: The blokes over at TPR who are heavy into over-clocking
and water cooling for their Seti thing may be able to help u.

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Take care. ;)
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unless you are running dual processors don't bother with water cooling. buy an extra fan and cut out a few blow holes in your case with grills and you'll be fine.
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