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Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by Stryder, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Since this seems to be missed an awful lot by those that complain, this is being stickied.

    Open Government was initially an Experimental forum created by the Sites initial founder Porfiry, it was made to allow certain thought to be made about the sites operation and not created as a place to Flame about Moderators in regards to peoples personal discontent.

    Complaint threads about Moderators will be LOCKED, not just in this forum but all the others too. This is because it doesn't do anything constructive but just causes more problems in the long run.

    If you have a problem with a Moderator then you can:
    • Take it up with the Moderator in question through Private Mail (PM). This is not suggested if you are wanting to send abuse, only if you want to ask why a post was deleted, where a post has been moved or why something has been moderated. For the most part they will explain themselves and you might be able to remedy the problem via either a repost that's been through moderation or just the understanding not to do it again.

      Always ask if they are the moderator you need to deal with, they will ask of the other Moderators if they aren't and direct you to the correct one.

      Just Remember: Moderators are Human (no matter the rumours) so treat them nicely. We aren't here to be abused or throw abuse back, if you want that get yourself a chat bot that you can program yourself.

    • If the Moderator is personally singling you out from the rest of the forum and you feel unfairly moderated, PM a Super-Moderator or Administrator about that Moderator. We can look round and ask questions about what's going on. We will try to remain unbiased when dealing with situations and will attempt to deal with things fairly.

    If by this time you still think there is some sort of conspiracy or we (Sciforums) is being unfair, then the likelihood is you've burnt so many bridges that people just don't want to deal with you any more.

    List of Moderators/Administrators
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