Come to Yahweh's Garden of Eden

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Elbaz, a clarification

My last post was in reference to the thread starters opening post. I did not mean to imply that you like to rub up against street poles while wearing tight, black leather shorts and a t-shirt that reads in gold-flake lettering "WHITE TRASH PRINCESS".
Confusion Concerning the Name Yahweh?


I noted the confusion here concerning the Name Yahweh, so I thought I would post a couple links that I have on MY WEB SITE that may be of interest. If you or your computer can not handle pop-up banner adds that are on my web site, please view the following two links as an option.

1. YAHWEH SEAKS OUT CONCERNING THE IMPORTANCE OF HIS NAME by Donald Adkins w/additions, comments, and editing by Jerry Healan

2. YAHWEH The Name of God by Christopher C. Warren

Here is a web page with links from MY WEB SITE specifically addressing the Name Yahweh. Warning, pop-up banner adds!


Brentkh, who started this thread says that he follows the law of god. I would like to know which god is that? He uses the Name of our Heavenly Father and Creator, Yahweh. Yahweh forbids homosexuality in His Law. I guess that is what he is referring to when he says, "I am gay". I would like to also add that Yahweh is not a god.
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YAHWEH= "I am what I am"...
It makes sense... That's exactly what He said to Moses on the mountain...:eek:
This thread is gobbeldygook, it belongs closed unless someone pm's me with a reason it should be open.
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