Color Blindness a Disability?


Grey Seal

A friend of mine in Utah was applying to be a police officer of some kind and he took the tests and passed them fine. The vision test was one of his last tests (before the psychology test) and he failed the color-blindness test miseraby...he did so bad that the doctor joked and called him "visually retarded".

His color-blindness was the reason he wasn't able to get that job, and it's the same for all other law enforcment jobs where you're out in the "field" as an officer. I told him to see if it counted as a disablity since it prevented him from a certain job and he was a bit limited. He hasn't checked yet and i've become insanely curious about it...So, since it prevented him from that job and certain other areas of work does it count as a disability or anything for that matter? Not in the way that he doesn't have to work, but compensation that maybe he'd have an easier time finding another one? Or that he could get something else in that field that doesn't require color-vision... or something, I was just wondering about it.