Cold Sassy Tree (You know You Love it)

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Tristan, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. Tristan Leave your World Behind Valued Senior Member

    Unforutantly, i have to read this wonderful book for English. Im on page 236. I have to read 70 pages tonight because I have a quiz tomorrow. If by chance you might have some resources for me, post them here. I cant really cheat though, but if you had to do a journal, basically pages of analyzing aspescts of the story and researching things and places, tell me and maybe Ill borrow some ideas. Thanks a bunch. Help Would be Much appreciated. Later.

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  3. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    I vaguely remember that book. Ol' Will Tweedy and the mill girl.. er... um... 'ol whatshername.

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