Clean Up In Aisle "Religious Debate"


One Hissy Kitty
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There is a duplicate topic in Religious Debate, one of which is an apparent bad link.

Someone7 posted a topic called: A thought I had about the existence of a God like being.

Apparently, the first one didn't take, returning the reader to the Exoscience main page instead of into the thread, so they posted a second one which works properly. I was originally going to e-mail Someone7 to make sure that thie first one (which has 0 replies) was an error, but they have not selected to receive e-mail from their posts. Could you please contact them and see if they want the first one removed?

Thanks. (Or else tell me how to do it.)
The second post was indeed a double post which I tried to remove. Since UBB is software of the damned, it happened to return an 'internal server error' during removal. Consequently, the original HTML message is gone (leaving a redirect to the homepage) and the reference to this message in the index is still there. I'll have to manually pick through the data files to get rid of it. Hopefully I'll have some better software of my own that will be more robust in a few weeks.


I'm having trouble getting anything past Searchers 26 Aug post in Yahweh, baby killing God?

Is there a problem? Or is it just my connection?