How does one get a job in UFO/paranormal research? Do you have to have a Phd or what? Has anyone out there ever written a book? How hard is it to get published? I'm tired of financial analysis. This stuff is much more interesting, and important for that matter.
I know the feeling..have been in the
insurance business all of my fuc*ing life..
and I HATE it LMAO...
and just what would the title of your book
be????????? ROFLMAO
Why don't you just e-mail someone who is
in this line of work and ask them?
Good luck to you...
Dear Lori,
I am writing a book at the moment, although it is only science fiction I find it difficult to write because of my employment.
I have been working on it for three years now but hope to complete it this year.
A book on the paranormal, etc, I would imagine to be more taxing because of the research involved, which could include travelling and interviewing witnesses and seeking out tangible evidence. Books like this are prone to attack from all sides so you have to be careful with what you write.
On publishing, this is a dilemma I have yet to face and fear this will be my hardest battle. I am an unknown in the eyes of the publishers so they would be taking a big gamble on a new writer. Most writers start with short stories, etc, to get their name established, but I have chosen to write a novel which if published will be one of five in the series that I am writing.
If we, here, are all still in contact by the time I have finished my book I shall gladly fill you in on my publishing difficulties.
I hope I have been some help to you for a change. Makes a change from being the bickering, negative arse that I am.
My Current Thesis centers on time travel and why we, according to Einstein, cannot go back in time.
My Uncle has written over thirty books on the Paranormal. Translated in 5 different languages. He is also always willing to help anyone that has a passion for the paranormal. If you want to know more,send me your email and I'll give you his details. I'm sure with his publishing experience and area of knowledge he could prove to be of some benefit to you.
P.S. Lori, you (nearly) always seem to relate any topic to the antichrist or demons. Why is that?
Kind Regards, Dave
Thanks general. I hope your book does well. It's risky business, yes, and accountants aren't generally known for taking risks, are they? I am as adverse to it as you could possibly get. Then again, I am very restless, and I feel displaced in life as far as my profession is concerned. I mean, my purpose is to squeeze every half a cent out of my big conglomerate company's bottom line, so that the CEO can afford to fly some more African wildlife onto his ranch in Mexico, so that he and his millionaire buddies can get pissed up and go on safari! Please! This guy's got animal heads mounted on the walls of his office (intimidation tactic). Anyway, I would give just about anything to be able to do something for a living that I'm actually passionate about. I can't even imagine how great that would be.


Your uncle sounds like a very interesting man. I would love to hear about his work and how he got started. I will e-mail you today. Mine is I do tend to relate everything to angels or demons. That probably gets old for most of you. I think that they have been referred to by different names, in different cultures, or at different times in's just that in my culture, and in my day, angels and demons are what they're called. I am most familiar with the identity of these beings through what I've read in the Bible. I've noticed, through researching other interpretations and phenomena, that many different beings have completely paralleled the characteristics of angels and demons, including fairies, wood sprites, Indian spirits, new age avatars, and aliens, to name a few. I think that the reason we don't know much about these beings is because they exist in another dimension that is not tangible to us, which of course, has religion written all over it. I guess that my underlying assumption is that the Bible is true, so how do I use it to figure out what is going on around me in my life? I'm also fairly apocolyptic-minded, though I hate admitting it. The whole UFO/alien phenomenon really does a good job of sending me into that mind-set. Some people would say that I'm close-minded because of my underlying assumptions, but I also know that I'm more open-minded than a lot of Christians have been known to be (and that wasn't hard to do). I'm open to many different possible interpretations of many different concepts, and then, of course, I have been called TOO open-minded in this respect. Oh well, thanks for the info. I'll e-mail you.
I think you need a PHD in Craziness and Dillusions, because that is what your getting yourself into Lori. From a scientific stand point, aliens wouldn't have evolved the humanoid structure. Evolution wouldn't have caused aliens to have similar structures as us. There are many ways to explain alien encounters...

#1 all cases of seeing aliens are hoaxes made to seem real by the media infestation of this subject

#2 Humans from the future that have evolved visit us through time travel

#3 Beings that originated on Earth returned to visit Earth.

To me #'s 2 and 3 aren't likely canidates, so I will hafta go with #1. So as I said before, being a UFOologist is a waste of time and resources because you'll find out the cause is from soley from the entertainment industry. It is a very simple solution since two species, countless light years away CAN'T evolve similar traits. Even the trait of being multi-cellular may be rare...

-Double Overdrive

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Double Overdrive,
It's not evolution, it's hybridisation.

Any spare time you have write your book, what have you got to lose. Sometimes you will have your highs and lows and blocks like me, but do it, later in life you might regret it.
I wish you the best of luck.
Double O,

I do not understand why their could not be two species, seperated light years away from each other, with similar traits. Explain please why you think this is an impossiblility.

Double O

For all you know Eric von Danniken could have been right after all. There is nothing scientifically wrong with the idea that humans could have decended from Aliens which could explain why they look humanoid. You certainly cannot prove it. That is just one answer. They could even be humans fom the future that have discovered time travel.

Personally I don't believe this but it's wrong to make such sweeping statements.