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Hi I'm 32 years old, currently living in Italy since May of last year- enjoying it immensely. Originally from Boston. I'm an entrepreneur following my family's business in Europe. Been living in London, in Paris and Hong Kong. Passionate about new discoveries in sciences in general, and decided to subscribe to this forum after being tired of obtuse moderators that I have been dealing with in other classical science forums. I disagree when posts from students or bright people are "moderated" on the basis of speculation, when all they are trying to do is to place intelligent questions or indicate inspiring new ideas brought forth by original and intelligent minds. Moderating in this fashion is both contraddicting- as all theories that have not yet been fully proven or that are simply "incomplete" or filled with faults (such as the famous ones of the Big Bang or of the Origins of species) can be likewise be described as speculative- and oppressive on the people's farsighted, fresh and creative minds.
Thereafter I searched to find a forum where people are allowed to discuss about new possibilities/theories other than those that are "not speculative", and where freedom of confrontation is promoted and encouraged. I am glad I found it and am happy to have registered here today.
Welcome to the forum, rivers82.

I shall keep watch for your posts and observe where the dialogues may lead. :)
Sorry, being new, I just realized I had to subscribe to the threads by selecting the option in my profile, so I saw your welcoming reply only now.
Thank you :)
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