Cheese made of breast milk


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Take four cups of breast milk, add rennet, salt and yoghurt – yes, four cups of breast milk, according to a recipe created by New York chef and restaurateur Daniel Angerer, who posted his formula for maple caramelized pumpkin encrusted cheese on his blog, and offered "whoever wants to try it is welcome to try it as long as supply lasts".

Angerer runs the Manhattan restaurant Klee, and the breast milk is supplied by his wife and restaurant co-owner Lori Mason after the couple found they had an excess supply in their freezer intended for their baby daughter Arabella. Angerer explained on his blog:

"My spouse is feeding our baby with breast milk. We are fortunate to have plenty of pumped mommy's milk on hand and we even freeze a good amount of it – my spouse actually thinks of donating some to an infant milk bank which could help little babies in Haiti and such but for the meantime (the milk bank requires check-ups which takes a little while) our small freezer ran out of space. To throw it out would be like wasting gold."

So Angerer decided to experiment - "my over-stuffed home freezer and my natural cooking instincts made me think of making cheese out of (human) mother's milk" – and posted the results on the internet.

"I was concerned a little bit with the thought of making cheese out of mother's milk," he wrote. "I wondered if it was ethical - since I haven't seen it on any restaurant menu yet. Conclusion – my spouse agreed – our baby has plenty back-up mother's milk in the freezer so whoever wants to try it is welcome to try it as long as supply lasts (please consider cheese aging time)."

The recipe:

My Spouse's Mommy Milk Cheese Making Experiment
(basic recipe using 8 cups of any milk - yields about ½ pound cheese)

4 cups mother's milk
1½-teaspoon yogurt (must be active cultured yogurt)
1/8-tablet rennet (buy from supermarket, usually located in pudding section)
1 teaspoon sea salt
So would you try it?

Personally I find the idea disgusting but evidently it cow cheese:(
Umm what the hell? I don't think we're gonna be making cheese from breast milk anytime soon .-. Its a nice idea though
Well I'd try it, but I don't know if I'd like it, its just hard for me to say, I've never been a fan of milk, but cheese I do enjoy. Although who knows maybe I'd enjoy breast cheese, it just seems odd.
First I would want to know if the woman is on any medication, drinking alcohol or smokes. In other words is she 'organic'.:p
Lol, well can I just point out a problem with your idea? (nothing offensive just something to take into consideration besides the whole organic part).
I loved mom's milk when I was a baby so I'd probably like this cheese a lot! I've had ideas for a mother milk farm before. I don't understand the repulsion though - the milk people drink now is from an ANIMAL - that to me is pretty gross.
Ya I've heard of some psychos that drank milk directly from the animal, that is nasty, unnecessary, and just plain rude.
cows milk is awesome. you put it in coffee and its fantastic. i wouldnt drink human milk unless i knew where it came from (for certain). most likely i would just pass on it, for what reason would i drink it?
I've heard of this before, but the sources are questionable at best...

Human Breast Milk Cheese Made in France
Oftentimes you come to the logical realization that life is stranger than fiction, even stranger than the fiction from your most oddball, esoteric films.This farm is so strange that I have to believe it really exists - though, my first thought was that it's a hoax.

Le Petit Singly is a farm that specializes in making cheese from women's breast milk. More.. Are you imagining the milking process? Admittedly, that imagery makes me come to the conclusion that it's an absolutely bizarre and crazy world of cheesemaking in little ole Singly, France. But, no. I think the "donors" bring their milk to the farm, or something like that.

Truth, or fiction?
Seriously, what is so hard to believe? its just like cows milk. of course you can get diseases from human milk and tbh, i wouldnt drink it.
Yeah, Lucy, are you offering? I'll take mine straight from the source, if you don't mind... :cool:

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I want Monica Bellucci...
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