Changing factory orignal car details


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I'm not big on cars, but just recently have come across a 1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12, non convertable.

It's the original white with the original red leather interior.

The things I want to do are repaint the car to a dark color, I like black, maybe Red or a Silver/Gray. I want to put in a pretty good sound system (not ground-shaking, but good) and definitely a CD player. I want to re-upholster the front seats (they're torn) but keep the red leather color they are. Tint the back windows to a fairly dark color, and get shiny rims on it, the ones on it now aren't shiny at all...

Is this bad? I called my dad and asked him about it, he told me it will destroy the value by changing the car so much since currently everything is original. What do you all think? I don't know much about cars so I wanted some opinions. Would it end up looking silly by trying to modernize it (i.e. shiny black color, nice rims, soung system, tinted windows etc)? Or does it not make a difference? Thanks...could really use the help.

I was told by a friend that when you get a car like that to hold it and sit on it so the value will go up and it'll become a collector's item...will modifications like those I mentioned destroy the value?
nice car dude! love the V12s. first off, look up the blue book on the jag, I would start there. then keep in mind that if the upholstery needs to be repaired, the value will go down anyway. reupholstering would be a good thing. new paint job would be great; there really isn't much value in the "original" paint if it's not in good condition. new rims would be great for it; not so sure about the tinted windows (but that's just my personal taste).. you aren't really changing the car that much, just replacing things that are worn.. replacing original jag parts (ie, engine, tranny) with something non-jag is what I think your dad is referring to.. but sometimes you have no choice

I'm replying to your post because I drive an '85 porsche 944 that I'm restoring. by restoring I mean I get porsche parts when they need to be replaced, almost always 944 when available. like I replaced the tranny last year with an original rebuilt '85 944 tranny.. but sometimes it's months before I can get something original though (I go to a porsche-only specialty parts place here in the bay area).. other times it simply doesn't make sense to try and get something original, say the water pump I replaced last month.. I went with a brand new one.. but then again I don't really care about the value of this car; I've had it for 15 yrs and I love it, just want to keep it running as long as possible (it runs GREAT by the way).. don't want to resell it.. oh about the sound system: yeah I highly recommend replacing whatever came with the car.. in my case it was a shitty blaupunkt cassette that stopped working around '93.. I could have replaced it with an original blaupunk but why? they suck! LOL I replaced it with a sony CD player and then replaced that with a better sony CD/mp3 player last year.. some things I just won't compromise on :D and a brand new sound system will only add to the value

I would recommend hooking up with a jag-owners group, there's lots around.. I've been a member of a local porsche-owners group for years, great way to get hard-to-find parts (and meet others with the same obsession :)

good luck and have fun!!
Thanks. I'll have to look into a Jag group then. The car runs fine, has about 80k miles and nothing major is really busted. Just need to replace the freon for the air. The kinds of things I meant were like would changing the colors drop it's value as a collector's items etc. That's what my friends relatives argue, that if I did change things like that the value of the car froma collector's P.O.V. would plummet. The way I look at it is if I don't like the cars color (and I hate it) then what's the point. The fact of the matter is, at least in my mind, if the front 2 seats got reupholstered (torn), some of the panelling got redone, i put in a good sound system, got some shiny ass wheels along with a shiny ass paint job (pref black) it'd be an absolutely amazing car. Tinting isnt a necessity in my mind, but the fact that I may destroy the collector's value of it is what is holding me back...I'll look into it thougha dn will definitely get involved with a Jag club. Thanks for the info.