"cannabis culture"

Never tried it.

I have personally never tried it, but I do have some experiences with it anyway.

<B>1.</B> When I was 15 my girlfriend at the time was on her way home with one of her friends. They met a couple of guys who asked if they needed a ride home, my girlfriend and her friend accepted.

When they was almost at home the one guy driving made an error and the car went of the road and hit a couple of trees. My girlfriend died instantly and her friend died at the hospital the same night. The two guys survived.

The two guys later admitted to the use of cannabis during that night, and the car was stolen. The two guys spent 6 months in jail and then was released. Two weeks after their release they got stoned and stole a boat.

This could happen with alcohol as well, but I chose to blame the guys and the cannabis.

<B>2.</B> When I was 17 a couple of my friends was in another city (I wont say which but Bebelina knows which city). They got in a fight with a guy who wanted to buy cannabis from him.

One of my friends is now dead and the other got a deep knife wound in his shoulder but survived.

The guy that attacked them got away and was never found.

<B>3.</B> Me and another friend of mine drifted apart during highscool because I did not approve of his drug abuse. A couple of years later another friend of mine found him in his apartment staring into the wall.

He is now in psychiatric ward, because he is violent and non responsive. The doctors blame the cannabis, but can not explain it totally.

<B>4.</B> My cousin is an older guy, soon to be 40. He tried harsh once (at least that is his own words). He got a harsh psychosis and was convinced he had hamsters on his shoulders. He still hallucinates about the hamsters, but he is now convicted they are not for real at least.

<B>My thoughts</B>
I still have friends that try illegal drugs occasionally. They and I have an understanding. They will never use it when I am around, never show me they have it (if they do, they loose it fast) and they will never approach me if stoned or high.

I think they have the right to do what they want with their life's and I am not the one to preach about drug abuse, that will be the school, parents, media and others job. But I will not se it in my presence. If they can not respect my thoughts about this, we seldom have a lasting friendship.

I've been lucky enough to have friends that accept this, and therefore we can still hang out.

That was so sad... :(

I really do understand that you must hate cannabis, for it has been involved in causing you so much sorrow. So I´m not going to tell you how great I think it is, because I do. Only to remember you that we chose how we interact with matter and different substances, in different combinations ,individually on a soul level. Nothing happens without reason, on a deeper level, not just that since the person hade smoken cannabis- the car crashed. More like this incident happened to complement a previous incident in the persons involved lives that was neccesary to experience for the evolution of their souls.
It's alright

So I´m not going to tell you how great I think it is, because I do.

That's fine by me, you may tell me how great you think it is, feedback on any subject is always welcome and I will not get mad at anybody for proclaiming any drug, safe and/or a great experience.

I think there must be something about drugs that makes people use them regardless of what the governments tell us about them. I am not a preacher for a no drugs society, I simply think it is up to you.

But I must insist, you may speak to me about it in any way you want, but never show me or try to involve me in it.

I used to drink alcohol about once a week, so I do know the feeling of being intoxicated, though it may not be the same as with other drugs. I have been free of all drugs (except nicotine and caffeine) for some years now.
Originally posted by taylan007
Tell me about your experiences with cannabis. (wether good or bad)

Perhaps we should ask anybody if they are from Jamaica. They should have a greater experience with cannabis!
I'm not sure I see why anyone from Jamaica would have any better reaction.

Do you smoke Taylan007? Or are you just looking for others opinions before you partake.

As far as my experiences being high, most of the good ones are embarassing, but they're just fun to tell. I live in Arizona, and out hee a good percentage of the houses have just flat roofs, due to the lack of rain. That is where my sister and I prefer to smoke. There's no people walking around and it's impossible to see us except from a helicopter. Getting up is easy, because we're sober. But getting down is always a little more interesting, the only relatively safe way down is to slide down our basketball pole. Unfortunately it's not anchored into the ground. So I jump onto the pole, a little to quickly, and toppled the entire setup on top of my sisters car. I end up sprawled on top of the car trying to figure out how I got there, and my sister, who's now stranded on the roof, is lost in a fit of laughter the likes of which you've never seen.

That's the only story I'm willing to share right now.

Blessed Be.
I'm not sure I see why anyone from Jamaica would have any better reaction.

I am not saying that Jamaicans should have a better reaction to cannabis, but they must have a greater experience of it. A large part of their culture contains cannabis (and other herbs as well).

We (at least I) have only seen the illegal use of cannabis and we also se some other problems related to it. Such problems being illegal trafficking and drug dealing, which have been known to result in violence.

Since Jamaica does not have these problems, they should be able to give a perspective which is not influenced by discussions about the laws.

Been smoking for a loooong time and here are some reasons why :)

Hasch changed my view upon myself and the surrounding world. It helped me see the interlacing network of perception/reality. Made me see the magic of the moment and be thankful of the holy experience of life.

It made me cut through preconcieved models of associatitive handles and gave me the idea of influencing "reality" by attitude and higher level p.o.v...

On and on. And oh yeah, it also made me drink much less :)

Now pot is not a way of altering reality anymore. It is heightening reality. The feared effects of longtime smoking have already come upon me, and so I am a 24/7 pothead. Smoke or no smoke, I´m there :D

Now ask me about MushroomCulture....
Much like Holy, my drugs of choice are caffine and nicotine. Nothing else. Though there was a time when I was young and bullet proof. I guess that pot has changed my outlook on life and how I see things today.

I would say that pot by itself will not encourage folks to steal. People must already have this inclination to begin with. I never felt I needed to steal when I was high. I felt the need to go out and just enjoy the day or night. Most times that meant just sitting still and listening to music. I was quite happy with that.

I empathize with Holy's experiences though. I understand and respect his wishes. May life treat you better down the road.
Thank you wet1.

I don't actually feel like I have been mistreated by life. I feel lucky I have developed to be who I am, but something in life I could have done without (for instance the previously mentioned events).

I do feel that if you are interested in drugs you should be able to try and if you think or know you can handle a long use of any drug, then be my guest.

I think one of the reasons that drugs are considered bad by most societies can be that the drugs are illegal and that itself brings another dimension of violence and disorder to the society.

If we were to legalize all drugs we would get rid of some illegal elements of society and perhaps the drugs would become as accepted as alcohol. We must realize that a legalization of drugs does not mean that you have to use them, you may still keep your distance to them.

For me a legalization of drugs in general would mean that I had to conform and try to control myself enough to stay in the presence of drugs (at clubs and bars). A legalization of drugs would also force the use of drugs into the light, meaning that the users would not have to hide and society would get a better view of the drugs.

Note: I am not proclaiming we should legalize drugs, I am happy with the laws about drugs as they are now (perhaps a little tougher punishment for drug dealers would be nice though). I simply try to se the drugs from another point of view right now, trying to understand and find purpose to the use of illegal drugs.
I find it strange that ppl can have such a disrupted personality that they can commit crimes while stoned. In most cases I do believe alcohol is the trigger for violence and not the pot. Cannabis makes me very soft and nice.

As for the positive effects from being a stoner, I suppose I´d found them in other ways given time. But I stumbled upon it so here I am :)

I think most negative cannabis influenced experiences are due to the fact that the newbie smoker has a lot of hangups and fears of the substance.
This of course thanks to scaretactics in antidrug propaganda.
Here in sweden the most used argument against legalization of marijuana is that it´s supposed to lead to heavier substance abuse.
That is utter BS. What makes many move on to heavy stuff is the branding of being a junkie by indulging oneself in shiva. "I am a druguser because I smoke pot, so therefore I might as well use other drugs". And yes, the same blackmarketperson that sells you the pot often has more lucrative drugs on offer. Potselling doesn´t mean much profit, so naturally a ambitious pusher wants the customer to buy the addictive, expensive stuff :(

Oh hmm... MushroomCulture...
Shamanic magic. Reality construction. Metaprogramming. Love. Nature. Darkness and ancient messages written in the roots of excistance.
Not recreational. Just educational and very, very heavy.
The passport into chapel perilous.
I do them, but never encourage others to :)

Everything one can find in drugs, one can find in life. So there really is no reason to use anything if one hesitates. But just speaking for me I say it´s done me good and I wont be governed.

Btw, hi Holy, welcome aboard.
Sorry to hear ´bout your heavy past. Glad to hear you coped with it nicely :)

And oh, another Btw. Crime rates in Jamaica are soaring. Hellapoor and exploited :(
When people say pot is a bad drug and shouldent be legalised i always ask them this.....
On a late walk to the local shop who would you rather walk past 4 drunk youths or 4 stonned youths, its quite funny because if thier drunk your the one paranoid but if thier stoned then they are the one's paranoid.
The most ironic thing is if thier stoned then they are criminals yet if there drunk there just having a laugh.
Holy Shit ! ! !

Over the past twenty-three years, I have smoked marijuana and been around quite a few people who have smoked marijuana. I have also been around as many alcohol users, as well as users of hard drugs. I can't say that I have seen it all, but I have seen enough to know the truth.

During my time on this Earth, I have also lost friends. Almost every single person who has died as a result of "drugs", has died as a result of alcohol. Not one of my friends, or anyone that I have ever even heard about, has ever died as a direct result of marijuana, or as a result of an accident that was caused primarily by marijuana. That is a fact.

However, in almost every case of a fatality, whether by a traffic accident, violence, or by over abuse, alcohol was involved, often directly.

To date, there is NO documented evidence of death, caused directly by marijuana. NONE! In almost every case on record however, those who admitted marijuana usage, also later admitted to the use of alcohol or other harder drugs.

It is impossible to overdose on marijuana ! ! !
Never has happened. Never will! Marijuana does NOT cause violent behavior at all! Never has, never will! Even people who are normally violent by nature, actually become less violent after smoking marijuana. That is a fact.

Marijuana does not cause traffic accidents
People who smoke marijuana, by itself, actually tend to be more careful and even somewhat timid about their driving. In truth, most people who have smoked marijuana, don't really even like to drive. This is a complete contradiction to anyone who drinks alcohol, since the desire to go on a road trip seems to be the first thing that a person wants to do after drinking alcohol. And that's where the people are getting killed, Holy! I would wager that your friends who died, were in a vehicle driven by someone who had also been drinking alcohol. I would also wager the same amount that the stabbing incident also had alcohol involved.

If you want to save lives, and families, then put the alcohol producers out of business & make it legal for everyone to grow their own marijuana.
Some exact numbers...

Deaths EVER attributed soley to marijuana: 0 if you ever come across one let me know.

You would have to smoke 500 pounds in about an hour to overdose on marijuana. If you didn't axfixiate yourself first, then you would become the first marijuana overdose in the history of man.

I recommend that everyone read "Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts" by Lynn Zimmer Ph.D. and John P. Morgan M.D. quite good

No way to die

Nobody dies from smoking a regular cigarette. They all die from for instance lung cancer. Hence cigarettes does not kill.

That is a nice way of looking at it. One could also say that nobody dies from shooting himself in the head. It is a trauma in the brain that makes the person actually die.

I don't blame marijuana for any of the mishaps in my life. I blame the persons involved. As for the death of my girlfriend, I cant just blame the guys driving the car, my girlfriend is also to blame, and myself for not bringing her home for myself. Actually the cause of death was a car crash not the marijuana.

For the friend killed by a drug buyer, he was not killed by cannabis, he was killed by the one trying to get cannabis.

If one looks at statistics one can easily se that alcohol is the main reason for accidental deaths. I don't think alcohol is better than marijuana in any way, its just that its legal today.

The reason I told you what I did, is that I thought you wanted my input on my experiences with cannabis, not a statistical survey of reasons for accidental deaths.

--Holy shit--
Funny and original.
I don't think alcohol is better than marijuana in any way, its just that its legal today.

There has never been a death caused by marijuana in the 3000 years of history its use has been recorded.
Millions have died from alcohol poisoning in that same time period.
Which is legal?
Holy ...

I love the term 'accidental death' when applied to driving while intoxicated, particularly when it applies to someone else's death.

I wonder how many drinkers would drive while drunk if killing someone with a vehicle carried the same weight as doing it with a knife or a gun?
You would be charged with manslaughter with a maximum sentance of 15 years in prison.
Thats our law anyways im sure they'd charge you with something a little stronger then DUI, suppose it all depends on how good your lawyer is, or how much money you have(oj simpson?).
I love the term 'accidental death' when applied to driving while intoxicated, particularly when it applies to someone else's death.

I sincerely hope that not all of the deaths resulting from a drunken driver is premeditated, that would be real scary.

As for the alcohol poisoning I agree. The use of alcohol is proved to be harmful and in some cases lethal. I am a sober person myself and don't drink alcohol at all (been that way for 6 years). But I am not immune to the influence of alcohol. I can get run over by a drunken driver, I can get beaten up by a drunk brawler and I can get annoyed by drunken people on the subway or cable car.

If the main opinion of the world is that cannabis is better than alcohol, then go ahead and legalize it while making alcohol illegal. Then I will have to conform. I have made my choice in life, to not let my friends use illegal drugs in my presence and they respect that. If my society chooses to legalize cannabis then I will have to live with it, and so I will (otherwise I would not be able to go out in the evening). But until then, keep it away from me.