Can someone explain


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Can someone explain how we are in different demensions and stuff
I am only 14 and don't grasp how that is possible
and if all things in lament terms
A dimension is something we use to specify the location of something in space (and possibly in time). Let's concentrate on dimensions in space for now.

A zero dimensional space is just a point. Anything in that space needs nothing to specify its position, since anything in the space is in the same place.

A one dimensional space is like a line. To specify where something is on a line you need one number (the distance along the line from some arbitrary starting point). One number implies one dimension.

A two dimensional space is like a plane. You need two numbers to specify distances in two different directions. For example, to locate something on the floor of a room, you need to say how far it is from two perpendicular walls.

A three dimensional space has height as well as width and breadth. To locate a particular air particle in your room, you need three numbers to measure distances outwards from two walls and upwards from the floor.

All these numbers are <i>minimums</i>. In a two dimensional space, you might have lots of different ways of specifying position, but each unique specification needs at least two numbers.

We can extend these ideas to four and more dimensions. In a six dimensional space, we need six numbers to specify the location of something.

Our universe is spatially three-dimensional as we perceive it. We can, in principle, locate any point in space with just three numbers.
Yeah but

Yeah we can or should be able to pinpoint something is space with only 3 numbers and they'd be fairly large even measuring in lightyears and shit but wouldn't the whole thing about there is no up, down, left, right, depth thing is space do something
cause there really is no imaginary even plane that is in space that is used as a benchmark
As James R says, a dimension is just that. Think about it. Dimension = measurement.
We perceive four dimensions, and can move through three quite freely.
d4 is time and sometimes we stuggle perceiving that correctly.
Some say that d5 is a function of probability, as in the trousers of time.
There's all sorts of strange shit going on in dimensions 6 through ten and I'm not even going to think abou d11 or d12. :D

The point is, just because we don't perceive them doesn't mean that they don't exist. Don't forget that all measurement is either comparative or arbitrary.

Concider this

The latest thing to hit the physics table is superstring theroy, whixh states that there are ten deminsions. we exist in four demnisons because at the big bang, the univers ripped apart in to two parts 4D and 6D. but...

someting a little off the topice.

IN order to move about in 0D we need 1D, so inorder to move from point to point we will create a 1D line.

IN order to move about in 1D we need 2D, so inorder to move about on a line we need a plane.

IN order to move about in 2D we need 3D, in order to jump from plane to plane we need space.

IN order to move about in 3D we need 4D, thus in order to mmove about in space, we need time

IN order to move about in 4D (time travel) we need 5D.

Just a little brain food to ponder.
I pondered....

IN order to move about in 2D we need 3D, in order to jump from plane to plane we need space.

More like we need time also to move in 2D. Should not we? So, even in 0D, time is an integral part as is in 3D.

Somewhere I read:
To look at another way, if a 3D person visits a 2D world, then the 2D person will see a foot print that covered the 2D space and disappeared only to appear another location. To a 3D person, the foot moved in the 3rd dimension. But both 2D and 3D world share the same time dimension for the event to take place. Now, same could be true in that an object can cover the 3D space, disappear to 4D space and reappear in another 3D space with time being common.

More food for thought....
We exisit. Dimensionality is a prerequisite for the condition. Our existence is less a mystery than the origin of dimensionality.

Hmm. God is a Cubist?

Nah. Nevermind.

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Anthropic principle? Anthropic principle? Anybody for an anthropic principle?