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Coming soon! Walt Disney, Microsoft, AT&T, Exxon and General
Motors bring you.... BUDDHAWORLD

YES! An adventure for the entire enlightened family! Book now
for our nonstop flights from Encino or Boca Raton to exotic
KATMANDU, the mystical city of faith, mountains and

IMAX theatres (with 70 ft screens) bring you the story of
Gautama Siddartha, rebel with the cause of freeing all sentient
beings from suffering! Witness as sheltered young Siddartha
escapes the watch of his father's guards and witnesses death
decay and suffering (with Dolby sound). Buy the Siddartha Tshirt
and lunchbox.

WONDER at the actual site where the young Buddha was born
for the last time, purchase lotus flowers and the 'Buddha is
Born' video (also available on LaserDisc).

Stay at luxurious hotels near the temples! Swimming pools!
Nightly dancing and Refuge Vows! Arrive a novice and leave
a Tantrika (additional cost for this program, brought to you
by The Home Dharma Shopping Network's 'Tantrika in a
Week' Club).

Pat the belly of the 250 foot simulated-gold-covered smiling
Buddha while a photographer records the moment (additional
cost). Experience the thrilling ride through the realms on Karma
Mountain - the World Fastest Tallest ride through the experience
of sentient beings. See the spooky Hell Realm! Wonder at the
Hungry Ghosts Realm! Witness the God Realm! Buy the
KarmaMountain Interactive CD ROM!

Reserve now!
(Written by Dan Diaz)