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I found a fascinating game bases on biofeedback, which is described at:

Two players are connected with EEG sensors and it is their aim to score goals with a steel ball on a table just by using their brains. A computer is generating a signal corresponding to the ratio of Alpha waves (relaxing part) and Beta waves (active part). This signal will be amplified and used for moving the ball in the one or other direction.

In my opinion and according to my weltanschauung ( this is the most direct game between souls. The winner is the person, where the soul has the best control over the brain (like a yogi).

I would be interested to lean about the corresponding materialistic view (especially from Boris and Cris) by answering the following two questions:

1. Which brain functions are responsible for generating the will and the unusual strategy and which ones are going to win - or how to differentiate between reason and action?
2. What is wrong by comparing a pure materialistic explanation with somebody, who lifts up himself by pulling his hairs?