BOOGABOOBABOO: Gendanken's Free Thoughting Vagina in Free Thoughts

She cited a list of movies.
Don't be a shiksah (sp?).

From a Holocaust denier. In an article which called the JDL a terrorist group.

Don't be such a naif.

And, by the way, if you want to know actual opinion? I think that the Jews have no right to Israel. The only reason they're there is because of an instilled guilt due to the Holocaust. They've made the world a far worse place due to their presence there and they continue to make it worse place every day due to their fanaticism (not all are fanatic zionists true, but enough are and the rest are generally supportive in much the same way muslims tend to support terrorism).

I'd be happy if Israel were removed from the map.
Yes, I would.

That's my opinion.
Not being ironic one little bit.

And? People are entitled to opinions, invert. You presume I will rail on you for this? You think this will provoke a rise equivalent to citing from Holocaust denial institutes?

In an article which called the JDL a terrorist group.

She didn't quote the article. She didn't say anything about the JDL. She quoted a list of movies.
That's it.

And I also tend towards the belief that the Jew does have undue influence not only in Hollywood but also in Washington.
She copied-and-posted a list from a website which did. Uncritically.

And? Many people believe the same. Shall I disembowel you now? At least you read your sources.

But don't use "the Jew" in that sense. It's offensive.


She copy-pasted a list of movies with stereotypical evil muslim roles.

And I'll use any word I like when I like.
If the Jew doesn't like it, then the Jew can send the JDL after me.
Anyways, the world—nor Israel—will fall apart over Gendanken's Jewish phone call.
So are you leaving sciforums Gendy?
Uhm, no?

This isn't one of those corny "goodbye" threads, just a torrent of lava that's been crying to be poured on Stryder's skull.

Silly girl...freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose.
Silly boy.
Here's something for you:

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,930,000 for freedom nothing left to lose. (0.25 seconds)
That was from googling "freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose"

Know what this means, sir? That you, like a million others, are those that would ape what a million others have said for them and repeat it ad nauseam.

You'll take some cheesy line and not even cut it to see if there's a hair in it, so hungry you are to eat other's thoughts as you've none of your own that you'll swallow it all without chewing.

So what do you know of 'freedom', suckling?

Here's another one-- "That which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger" scribbled on a million t-shirts a minute and people change those like tampons, Mr. BenTheMan, you moderator you.

‘Freedom' is just another one of those flavors you will never taste as you're too busy glutting on leftovers.

By the by-- you're one of those 'moderators' that voted for my banning, yes?


Ahhhh.......AHHH JEW

(get over it-- I'll address your obsessive tyrade against my supposed anti-Semitism in some other thread.
What are you, Jewish?)
:yawn: I think someone just posted something long. I missed it.
think someone just posted something long. I missed it.
No, problem. I'll shorten it for you:


Theres always plenty to lose
But he'll go around aping what others say anyway without thinking.

Case in point: "You can catch more flies with sugar than vinegar"